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The Mercedes-Benz S Class is the Mercedes pinnacle of luxury and prestige. The S Class has been one of the best cars for new age technology and equipment as standard. This luxury motor is made for cruising and relaxing, to give that limousine feeling. The design is sleek and smooth and the build quality is fantastic and most of all its reliable.

Key Mercedes-Benz S Class Saloon Points

The Mercedes S Class only comes as an automatic but it has multiple trims such as: SE Line, AMG Line and the S. This car has petrol, diesel and hybrid engines available with the BlueTEC engines as an option too. The standard S Class has a 258 BHP V6 engine with a 7 speed semi-automatic gearbox, allowing speeds of 155 MPH, giving you a wonderful 51.4 miles to the gallon. The top spec S Class is a different story. It has a 630 BHP multi-point fuel injection V12 engine with a 7 speed semi-automatic gearbox, allowing speeds of 155 MPH.

Why lease a Mercedes-Benz S Class Saloon

The Mercedes-Benz S Class is a car that you'd lease if you wanted a relaxing car. This is a car that you would lease if you wanted a high quality interior that'd comfort you from A to B. The S Class has beautifully made interior with controls in the back to change the temperature, lighting, the TVs if they are fitted, the heated seating, even the massagers. This car really provides the celebrity experience when you're in the back. Up front you have the multi-function steering wheel with the curvy dashboard surrounding it and your controls for the heating, massagers and extra equipment that come included with the car as standard. The interior just looks and feels high quality and rightly so. The exterior has the unique back so you know it's an S Class when you approach it and it has the streamlined chassis with the bold Mercedes logo and grille up front.

Five reasons to lease a Mercedes-Benz S Class

  • Mercedes-Benz Top Luxury Experience
  • Beautifully Crafted Interior
  • Unique Chassis Design
  • Most Equipment as Standard
  • Mercedes-Benz Reliability


The S Class is the pinnacle of luxury in the Mercedes range. This car is reliable, it looks so stunning with its unique shape, the interior is one of the most relaxing of any car on the market and it is wonderful to drive with the equipment in the car, which makes the driving experience even better. The S Class is used by many VIPs all over the world because it is such a trusted motor and the badge says Mercedes, so you know its high quality.

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