Key Lexus NX Points

The Lexus NX is state of the art inside and out, just have a look at the image gallery at how spectacular and futuristic it is. One of the key points that Lexus are trying to get across with this is that it is luxurious, and I mean luxurious. It is worlds apart from the budget Sportage for example; this is something you would obviously expect from a Lexus, however it is worth mentioning the luxury in the NX can dwarf even the other Lexus models such as the CT or the IS.

Why Lease a Lexus NX

Maybe this will take away the magic if you didn't know but Lexus is a branch of Toyota much like Audi is a brand of Volkswagen. However, Toyota have a well known reputation for reliabile and economical engines so it is not always a poison chalice. The NX get the higher end Toyota engines and the luxury seen inside is not the same as a high spec Toyota, it is so much more. The NX only comes with one engine which is the 2.5 300h hybrid which releases only 121g/km of emissions which is incredible for a car of its size and class. Lease a Lexus NX if you're after an incredibly luxurious crossover experience.

Five reasons to lease a Lexus NX

  1. Very luxurious 
  2. Incredible economy 
  3. Forefront in-car technology 
  4. Brand new 
  5. Very reasonably priced 


The Lexus NX has arrived and it wants you to know you don't have to settle for second best. It is top of the range even at its most basic and the powerful engine is state of the art. Have a look around the Lexus NX car leasing hub today to find out just why so many people are raving about this beast. We have images, reviews and high definiton videos to flick through.

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Still can't find what you're looking for?

If the Lexus NX or its competitors haven't quite turned your head then why not take a look at our main car leasing page or out best leasing offers page for the very latest deals.

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