If you're looking for luxury in your next vehicle, the Lexus range has a complete selection for every life style, but when only the very best will do All Car Leasing offer premium service will all Lexus LS lease deals. 

The Lexus LS is a luxury saloon best looking in solid white or solid black, in our opinion anyway! You make your own decision on that! This is the ultimate hybrid saloon car with its petrol-electric motorised engine that doesn't fail to impress!

The Lexus LS is onto its fourth generation model and continues to be an amazing and luxurious car. The Lexus LS homes a 5.0-litre V8 hybrid engine. All you need to do it literally use your central locking system to open your car, sit in your seats which will already be pre-heated or cooled down, press the Start button and off you go, soaring into classy oblivion! The Lexus LS comes original as one trim type and boasts 19" alloy wheels, climate control, rear seat recline and massage system, mounted entertainment DVD with Blue Ray system and most importantly an advanced safety kit. Is the Lexus LS a car you would like to be an owner of?

Why Lease a Lexus LS

Of course, the Lexus LS is not going to be accompanied with words such as affordable, cheap, and great value because the Lexus LS is a super luxury car which on the road price is just under 100k! Lease deals on this beauty, however, are superb, and rather than splashing out that much on the Lexus LS, why not just lease one for say two years? Get this brand new spanker of a machine and show of your class!

Five reasons to lease a Lexus LS

  1. Totally amazing engine 
  2. Extreme Luxury 
  3. Massaging seats! 
  4. Top of the range equipment and technology 
  5. It's available for lease! 


The Lexus LS has a variety of different personalities all rolled into the one car! It's a sporty, quick car, but then can also be a relaxing and comfortable and cosy drive. It is also a petrol engine, and then an electric engine! This car will provide massive amounts of fun and enjoyment! Go on, you know you wanna!

Other Full-Size Saloons You Can Lease

The Lexus LS is a full-size saloon which has been designed for space, comfort and performance for the lucky drivers and passengers. They don't come cheap which is always a good reason to make sure you've chosen the right one for your needs, here are some alternatives to consider:

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