Key Range Rover Sport Points

The Range Rover Sport is not a fancy Discovery. It has carved itself its own identity on the roads with its sleek modern design (which went on to influence the Evoque and the new Discovery) while still being a genuine 4x4 vehicle. The Range Rover Sport has allowed those who may work in agriculture and spend a lot of time off the road to drive around the mud and look good doing it. The engines available are 3.0 SDV6 HSE (258 and 292 BHP), 3.0 V6 (292 BHP) and 5.0 supercharged (510 BHP). Although, luxury is standard the SE, Dynamic and Autobiography trims are available for even further comfort. The diesel engines are surprisingly economical considering its size and stature and better than a lot of sports car in the same price bracket.

Why Lease a Range Rover Sport

Lease a Range Rover Sport if you want your commute to be in total comfort and safety. Due to its structure and ride height passengers in a Range Rover Sport are some of the safest on the road. The Range Rover spot has also got genuine 4x4 capabilities and its not just for show - with various functions inside and out the Range Rover Sport could tackle any sort of surface and weather and come out on top. Everyone knows that a Range Rover Sport is expensive but it is not as expensive as it should be to lease thanks to Land Rover's generous discounts which they have handed over to All Car Leasing. Take a lease out on one of these and take advantage while they are available.

Five reasons to lease a Range Rover Sport

  1. It's a statement 
  2. Genuine 4x4 capabilities 
  3. Exceedingly luxurious 
  4. Improved economy and emissions 
  5. Excellent driver and passenger safety 


The Range Rover Sport is one of the premium sports utility vehicles available and has been the first choice of luxury seekers the world around. Comfort inside and power outside are a combination that not many can shy away from. Feel free to look around the Range Rover Sport car leasing hub today to find in depth reviews, high definition videos and a full image gallery.

If you are looking to lease a high performance variant of this model, check out our performance car leasing deals page for more information.

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Still can't find what you're looking for?

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