The all new Land Rover Discovery Sport is a compact sports utility vehicle which has been given a dramatic makeover in the same style as the Evoque or the Range Rover Sport. However, the Discovery Sport is a replacement for the Freelander rather than the old Discovery. This is a British born and bred vehicle and is constructed at the Land Rover plant in Halewood, Liverpool.

Key Land Rover Discovery Sport Points 

The Land Rover Discovery Sport bridges the gap between the Evoque, the Discover and the Range Rover series. It is an all terrain vehicle and aimed at leisure usage whereas the standard Discovery has more of an agriculture feel to it. The two diesel engines present at launch are the Ford Duratorq 2.2 turbocharged diesel engines producing 150 or 190 bhp and emitting circa 160 g/km of co2's which is not bad at all for a vehicle of its size. The lease prices for the Discovery Sport also sit between the Evoque and the Discovery and is obtainable for around £500 a month or less, this makes it much more accessible than the larger Range Rovers while still being a very premium purchase.

Why Lease a Land Rover Discovery Sport

The Discovery is a 7 seated slice of luxury that has the strength and character to be all weather and all terrain. If you're Evoque is too small and the Range Rover Sport is too pricey then a Land Rover Discovery Sport lease could be the right choice. When the eD4 engine comes rolling in the Disco Sport will then be even cheaper to lease as well as more economical, however for now all your luxury 4x4 dreams could come true with this modern marvel.

Five reasons to lease a Land Rover Discovery Sport

  • Updated looks  
  • Rugged 4x4 that has made Land Rover a household name 
  • 5 2 seating arrangement 
  • 0-62 still under 9 secs 
  • eD4 engine adds more economy 


The Land Rover Discovery Sport leasing deals we have are as astonishing as the vehicle is. If you're not sold or want more information then please have a look throughout the Land Rover Discovery Sport car leasing hub for high res images inside and out, high definition video and of course the in depth independent review. Enjoy.

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If you're still looking for a vehicle but the Discovery Sport isn't quite what you are after then why not check out the car lease leasing deals or the leasing special offers page for the freshest deals.

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