The Jeep Compass is the American manufacturers entry level luxury SUV. It has been in production since 2007 and has captured the hears and minds of its admirers with its rugged looks and powerful engines. The Jeep Compass is an alternative to the Range Rover line and brands such as that.

Currently, the Jeep Compass has 3 engines; a 2.0 2WD and 2.4 4WD automatic petrol engine. Diesel comes in the guide of a 2.2 CRD diesel engine. The latter being the most popular choice with its lower economy albeit at a higher price. The Sport version sets the tone as the base model but it still comes with big alloys, power windows and a Boston acoustics sound system. Mid range you can expect air con, keyless entry and finally the top of the range Latitude has all of the above with heated seats, sun roof and remote start.

Why Lease a Jeep Compass

The Compass is substantially cheaper to lease than some of its rivals, it could be argued that it desperately needs a refresh but what you will get is a car that will power you through with no fuss. What you won't get however is luxury that you could get elsewhere for double the price. The strong and versatile diesel engine with 4wd will allow the Compass to laugh over any terrain or weather it comes across. Lease the Compass for a well known brand with good performance.

Five reasons to lease a Jeep Compass

  • Affordable 
  • 4WD 
  • Easily sit 5  
  • Powerful 
  • Usually in stock 


To conclude, the Jeep Compass is a nifty SUV to lease due to its pretty low prices considering its size and brand. For a clearer and more refine insight then please feel free to have a good rummage around the Jeep Compass car leasing hub for the latest high res images, in depth written review and high definition video.

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