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What To Do If My Lease Car Is Involved In An Accident

Getting in any kind of accident involving any kind of vehicle is a terrifying, life-changing moment for everyone involved. It's impossible to fully prepare for a car crash because everyone reacts differently, often in a way they'd least expect. If you're driving a leased car then the last thing you'd want to worry about is what happens to the vehicle. So, if you're worried or unsure about what to do, don't worry. Our top priority is ensuring that our customers are safe, so we've put together this guide for those of you with questions in need of an answer.

Your Top Priority should be YOU

So, say you're involved in a car accident, after stopping the car (it's an offence not to do so) and putting your hazards on, the first person you should worry about is you. The shock of being involved in an accident can mean that you're unaware of a possible serious injury.

Before checking the condition of your car, check the condition of you. Can you move your limbs? Your neck? Are you bleeding? This is vital to ensure that further injuries are not caused by exiting the vehicle or moving too quickly.

Check on other passengers in your car, too. If you or a passenger is injured in any way, call an ambulance and the police at the earliest opportunity.

The most important thing to remember is to stay calm. It's common to feel scared, shaken, angry, and sad. So, take a few deep breaths, take in the situation, and stay at the scene of the crash.

Assuming that the accident is minor and there are no injuries, it's good to make a note and snap a photo of it just in case other people involved try to claim for an injury later on.

Was anyone else involved?

After checking everyone in your car, it's also important to make sure that anyone else involved is alright. They will be just as shaken as you, so treat them the way you'd want to be treated.

Give your contact information, name, address, and vehicle registration number to anyone with an understandable reason to ask for those details. This includes:

Fire crew 

If another person is injured then it is important to show your certificate of insurance too.

Someone involved may believe that you are responsible, in that case, they might ask for your insurance details, (you might not have these with you so you can respond within 7 days by reporting to the police station in person).

Crashing a Leased Car

In many ways, crashing a leased car is no different from crashing a bought car. You will need to report the accident to your insurance company ASAP. Failure to do so can invalidate your cover, even if you are not claiming yourself. Supply this information in a letter explaining the situation. If you are not making a claim, then you will need to make that very clear by stating that the letter is for information only.

Any damage to the car that is covered by insurance needs to be carried out to their standards, calling your leasing company would also be beneficial.

If your vehicle is considered a total loss and is written off, then you will need to contact us at All Car Leasing at the earliest opportunity so that we can inform your finance provider. They will ask your insurance company for written confirmation that the vehicle is a total loss. Following this, they will provide an amount for settlement of the vehicle contract.

After Crashing a Leased Car

Leasing a new car with All Car Leasing is always an option if your previous leased car is written off. This will, however, be classed as a new agreement, therefore you will be expected another processing fee and initial rental for the new car.

Continuing to using your vehicle in a poor condition will result in a fee when the lease is up as the car will not pass the fair, wear, and tear check. You can learn more about fair, wear and tear.

Or you can listen to our podcast.

We hope that this information will help you better prepare for a worst-case scenario. We understand how it feels to go through something as traumatic as a car crash. The basics to remember are:


  1. Focus on yourself first. Cars are replaceable, you are not.
  2. Crashing a leased car is not so different from crashing a bought car, make sure you have all the information you think will be important and contact your insurance company ASAP.