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When Is The Best Time To Lease A Car?

When the most recent model is released

If you are looking for a brand new car and don’t have the disposable income to afford one or don’t like the idea of taking out an expensive bank loan, then leasing is probably the best option for you; whether that’s for either personal leasing or business leasing. Brand new models and vehicles are released in both March and September every year at what can be deemed to be extortionate prices, so you should generally lease shortly after the model is introduced. That way you will have a brand new car at a good monthly price, where the residual value of the vehicle will have only just recently been estimated. All in all, you will have a brand new car for a good deal and able to show your wheels off on the road.


Sometimes leasing the car of your dreams can be tricky, especially if you're looking for a cheap deal. Of course, if you want the car you're looking for, you can get it, but if you are truly looking for a good price you should be lenient with your choice. That may mean that you have to give up your choice on a colour or even consider other manufacturers who have similar cars in their range. For example, if you wanted a Golf GTi then why not consider a Peugeot 308 GTi as a broker may have special offers on within their website and make the whole process cheaper and more efficient. In fact, the car may even have more practicality or have better engine performance and handling.

Browsing at the end of the month

Sometimes, you may find that lease deals appear cheaper at the end of the month and that could be for a couple of reasons. One of which may be due to an increased level of discount being applied to the deal. Dealerships/manufacturers have certain deadlines and targets to meet at the end of the month, these are often met by dealers offering a discount on the 'On the road' price of various vehicles in order to sell larger quantities faster.


Off-peak Times (Christmas) quiet

The Motoring industry is notorious for being quiet during the winter months when customers are less inclined to go and visit dealerships and saving their money for winter gifts which may result in winter deals and easy negotiating, so why not seize at the opportunity and snap up a cheap deal.

Black Friday

Black Friday through to Cyber Monday is also another great time to lease a car, as you will usually find discounts across a whole range as well as potential cheaper administration fees. Remember, this time only comes once a year so keep your eyes peeled around this time and you may land yourself a tasty deal that you never thought you could. 


Generally, the best time to lease a car would be shortly after the release of a new model as there will typically be plenty of existing stock of now pre-current and/or pre-registered models. Some people like to have the very latest registration plates, so if you are flexible when it comes to the reg, a pre-registered car is a great way to save money. However, it could be considered that there is actually no best time to lease a car as brokers like ourselves always have brand new special offers available that change quite frequently every single day.