Free Credit Check

On All Car Leasing deal we have to perform a credit check as we are a responsible lender, if you have adverse credit it would save a lot of time and highlight this before we proceed with the check. We have partnered with Experian and Risk Disk for our credit searching needs.

If you are unsure about you're credit but would like to lease a car please use their free credit report facility.

A credit check is needed on both personal leases and business leases.

By using this service it will give you a score and an explanation of how they come up with that figure - this will help you to decide if leasing is for you.

Is a credit check really necessary?

As we are FCA regulated and a morally responsible lender a credit check is necessary at all times. This is done to protect everyone involved; us, the finance company and more importantly you.

The reason for the credit check is affordability and to protect businesses and individuals from the uncomfortable situation of debt due to lack of affordability. By using the credit score and affordability we can make a careful decision to supply vehicles. Although it can be awkward and uncomfortable to hear "you have been declined" it is to protect you. No one wants to fall behind on payments and no one wants to thrust debt on their families and loved ones.

I am not sure if I have bad credit, what do I do?

The best thing to do is to is the use the Experian link and check your score - there are other things as well you can do by yourself such as check the last 12 months bank statements to check if your expenditure and income are at a healthy balance. If you have CCJ's or a few late payments recently on your profile, unfortunately we are not likely to be able to help.

If you have any more questions about credit related questions please call 01565 880880 and we will assess your situation and give you some advice.