Can You Use A Lease Car As A Pool Vehicle?

In another post in our series of Leasing Myths, we take a look at a myth that companies can't lease cars to then use as pool cars for their employees.

What is a pool car?

Before we get into the leasing aspect of a pool car, we thought it would be best to discuss the specifics of what a pool car is and how it could differ from a company car or a car that can be used by employees from time to time. 

A pool car is a vehicle belonging or being leased to a business which has been made available to be used by more than one employee. It doesn't necessarily need to be a 'car' as vans, pickups etc all count. However, the key information here is that a pool car is used by more than one driver. If it's not used to by multiple users then it is simply a company car. This is a very important distinction, especially if you're from the HMRC.

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Those who use a company car will have to pay company car tax while those with a pool car do not if your company has a lot of pool cars this may attract some attention from HMRC when your accounts are posted. Therefore, to be a true pool car:


    • Available to more than one driver all of the time
    • Has recorded use by more than one driver
    • To not be used for personal reasons or kept overnight by a particular user


If you're a business that's been considering leasing a vehicle so that it can be used as a pool car, here are some tips for you to stay out of trouble:


  • Keep an accurate logbook when the vehicle is being used
  • The vehicle is in the companies name
  • Keep the car in good condition as this is the company's responsibility and not the drivers
  • Ensure that the car is not damaged in any way and if it is that the company has a protocol to recover costs 

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Can you use a lease car as a pool car?

From to time to we get asked if a company car lease can be used as a pool car. We've been asked so much so that it seemed worthwhile to write a permanent article on our blog so that others can search to find the answer.


There's no reason why a leased car can't be used as a pool car and it's a myth if anyone says otherwise. The finance company only needs to know that the vehicle they've leased is insured fully comprehensive and that the fair wear and tear guides are still very relevant.

As leasing is becoming more and more popular we are getting more calls from transport managers of various companies throughout the UK who are now starting to lease their pool vehicles instead of purchasing them outright. This is because a leased vehicle is brand new, fault-free and under warranty to keep it on the road for less.

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We hope that we've been able to clear up some of the confusion surrounding leasing and pool cars. It's a cheap and reliable way to keep your employee's costs down as well as improve punctuality. As long as the vehicle is fully insured under your company and you are mindful of the rules and regulations surrounding its use and the condition the finance company will expect it back then you should have no problems at all.

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