Electric Hybrid Cars


Our electric and hybrid cars show the world what can happen when you believe anything is possible. Introducing game changing technology and zero emissions while driving. Why not step into the future and rewrite the rules on driving with electric and hybrid power leasing. The choice is simple for those who want to make a difference, with government initiatives, manufacturer deals and cost effective motoring. 


Lease an electric car and say goodbye to petrol and diesel. Long gone will be the maintenance of complex mechanical components. Replaced by a full electric motor that gives the driver instant power like never before for far lower fuel costs. Thanks to the difference in electricity prices compared to rising fossil fuels like petrol or diesel leasing electric will mean you never need the pumps again.

Volvo V60 Plugin Hybrid


Electric vehicles are not just cheaper to own, they’re inexpensive to lease too. The UK Government offers an incentive for buyers of Ultra Low Emissions Vehicles up to 25% of the value of the car. Lease payments can be incredibly enticing, since All Car Leasing takes the incentives and passes them onto you the driver.


Congestion Charge

There is no current congestion charge for all electric vehicles. Due to the zero exhaust emissions of CO2. Making all EV's the clean option.

Plugging In

The UK government offers grants up to 75% for the cost and installation of a domestic charge point. Typical range is from 80-100 km from a full charge more than double the typical commute.

Always Connected

Some electric cars are partnered with apps to give the driver real time updates on their car. The BMW i3 for example shows range, location and battery charge from your device.

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The alternative to full electric vehicles is the Hybrid a combination of either petrol or diesel power and electric power cell. Hybrids save fuel, reduce emissions and can be driven without charging time. Leasing a hybrid is the middle ground between conventional driving and EVs.

Money Savers

Leasing a hybrid can save you money. By combining a petrol or diesel engine with an electric motor, hybrid cars deliver dramatically higher fuel efficiency. You’ll be able to drive farther and fill up less with a hybrid vehicle.


Because hybrid vehicles produce far less emissions the UK government as part of their green policy offer incentives for converting. Drivers will often find much lower road tax bills and some hybrids are exempt from congestion charges and suitable for low emission zones. Hybrids are also supported by the Benefit-in-Kind company car tax rate.


Congestion Charge

Some models of hybrid are fully exempt from the congestion charge. So long as the exhaust emisissions are less than or equal to 75 gCO2/km the vehicle can drive through for free.

Economy (Light Weight)

Leasing hybrids are for drivers who want to save costs on fuel without affecting their car's performance. Being able to drive without long charging times.

Lower Emissions

Thanks to the electric motor supporting the traditional hybrid engines typically produce far less gCO2/km than competitive petrol or diesel engines.

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