Volkswagen Polo GTI Lease

The Polo GTI is a beautiful petrol car to come out of notoriously good German manufacturer Volkswagen, so inevitably is thought to be stylish and well-made. It comes in a 5-door, 2.0L engine in a variety of different colourways to match the driver's criteria and is a great car for practicality, safety and technology due to some of the new features installed with the new model. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a great performance car for either personal or business lease at an affordable price, then the Polo GTI may be the right car for you!

Why lease a Polo GTI?

The Polo GTI is a performance car sought after by a lot of drivers. This is not only due to its looks, but its quality, performance, technology and just about everything to be honest. It is equipped with a powerful 2.0L turbocharged 3-cylinder engine, which allows the GTI to breeze 0-62mph in a mere 6.7 seconds and has a max speed of 147.3mph, whilst looking suave and stylish which helps it keep a strong residual value.- Below we have included some pros and cons to the Polo GTI.

  • Latest Technology 
  • Fast Acceleration and Power  
  • Good Badge 
  • Unique Driving Experience 
  • Economical 
  • Automatic 


  • Exclusivity, common car 
  • Smaller than the likes of the Golf GTI 
  • Torque not as efficient compared to other performance vehicles 
  • Similar to the Golf line 
  • Loud Road Noise- depends upon buyer’s preferences 

Polo GTI Specification


The Polo GTI absorbs its power from its 2.0L turbocharged 3-cylinder engine which provides an astounding BHP of 200, making the car both enjoyable and delivers a unique driving experience. It is also economical in that it achieves 47.9 mpg, which destroys other vehicles like the Peugeot 308 GTI which has a combined mpg of 43.5. The GTI can also be considered great for safety features and overall driving ease, due to the installed technology which makes navigation just that little bit easier, especially in busy cities where 'pedestrian detection' and 'blind spot alerts' will work a treat.

Performance Bonuses and Handling

The Handling of the Polo GTI cannot be undermined, as it has been fitted with an electronic differential lock, which controls the brake pressure to prevent you from spinning out and skidding around corners- making the car more reliable to drive in all kinds of weather. It also features adaptive cruise control, which implements sensors to monitor the speed and distance from the car in front and will automatically apply pressure to the brakes if you become to close- perfect for busy motorway driving and inner-city driving.


The technology implemented in the Polo GtI has created a unique driving experience that has allowed the safest of driving as it certainly increases your overall awareness. This is due to the ‘Pedestrian Detection System’ which scans for pedestrians around the vehicle and alerts the driver with an audio and visual signal warning- if you do not apply the brakes in time, the GTI will automatically do it for you. This works hand-in-hand with the ‘Blind Spot Sensor’ which works in a similar way as well as ‘Rear Traffic Alert’. Also, There is a ‘Fatigue System’ also in place to detect tiredness by analysing facial expressions and irregular body activity which will then warn you to take a break if needs be. From an entertainment point of view, GTI’s include ‘beats’ audio technology for the most premium music.

Volkswagen Connect

The GTI is also equipped with a 10.5” Active Info Display tablet which allows not only easy navigation but access to the Volkswagen Connect app. This is a feature which enables you to connect your smartphone to the car to access multiple features in and outside of the car, this includes:

My Volkswagen- Overview of key information such as service and maintenance intervals, warning messages, displays, fuel light and mileage.

Trips- Detailed map views, trip details, statistics and the cost of each trip as well as time. You can also categorise these trips into either personal or business trips.

Driving Style- Provides tips to save money and improve overall miles per gallon.

Parking Space- The App remembers where your car is parked.

Fuel Monitor- Self Explanatory, tracks where you have stopped for fuel and how much you have.

Service Partner- Allows you to see where the nearest retailers are, perfect for shoppers.

Assistance Call- Volkswagen has a 24-hour helpline which if you call through the app, puts you through to customer service, from there they can even tell you where you are located if you are lost due to a tracker within the vehicle.

Challenges- Shows driving scores and also gives you challenges to beat every day to improve your score.

Paint Jobs

The Polo GTI could be considered to have a small choice of paint jobs to choose from, but don’t let that put you off. They are unique and iconic colourways chosen to perfectly match the GTI itself. These include Pure White, Limestone Grey, Deep Black, Reef Blue and Flash Red.


In terms of Alloys, there are a couple of nice choices to choose from. You have the standard ‘Parker’ 17” Alloys with 215/45 R17 tyres and anti-theft wheel bolts(Left) and the ‘Brescia’ Black diamond-turned 18” alloy wheels with 215/40 R18 tyres and anti-theft wheel bolts(Right).

Rivals to Consider

If the Polo GtI doesn’t quite fit your buying criteria and you still want a performance car for a great price, then why not consider the Ford Fiesta ST, bigger brother Golf GTI, Hyundai i30 Nor the SEAT Leon Cupra, alternatively, why not check out our special offers page for some amazing personal and business leasing deals, or give us a call on 01565880880!

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