Ssangyong Turismo Car Leasing Deals UK - 8 found

Ssangyong Turismo2.2 Se 5dr
Business£272.48per month ex. VAT
Personal£326.98per month inc. VAT
Ssangyong Turismo2.2 Se 5dr
Business£291.66per month ex. VAT
Personal£349.99per month inc. VAT
Ssangyong Turismo2.2 Ex 5dr
Business£298.74per month ex. VAT
Personal£358.49per month inc. VAT
Ssangyong Turismo2.2 Ex 5dr
Business£317.54per month ex. VAT
Personal£381.05per month inc. VAT
Ssangyong Turismo2.2 Ex 5dr Tip Auto
Business£322.79per month ex. VAT
Personal£387.35per month inc. VAT
Ssangyong Turismo2.2 Ex 5dr Tip Auto
Business£332.67per month ex. VAT
Personal£399.20per month inc. VAT
Ssangyong Turismo2.2 Elx 5dr Tip Auto 4wd
Business£355.18per month ex. VAT
Personal£426.21per month inc. VAT
Ssangyong Turismo2.2 Elx 5dr Tip Auto 4wd
Business£364.67per month ex. VAT
Personal£437.60per month inc. VAT

More about Ssangyong Turismo leasing:

The Ssangyong Turismo is the ultimate MPV for whatever you might need it for, that’s why it’s multipurpose! The Ssangyong Turismo can be used for family adventures, long journeys or maybe you want to start up a shuttle business? Visit the business contract hire page for more.

Key Ssangyong Turismo Points

You've never heard of the Ssangyong Turismo? Are you mad!? Its origins are actually from Korea and this car manufacturer only has three models of car meaning that each and every model gets extra special attention to be the perfect car for you. The Ssangyong Turismo comes in four trim types, Turismo S, Turismo ES, Turismo ES (Auto) and Turismo EX (Auto), all are a 2.0-litre diesel engine so plenty of power to pull that 7 seated beauty! The Ssangyong Turismo can also be designed in manual, automatic and 4x4 wheel drive.

Why Lease a Ssangyong Turismo

Yes we know it’s probably not a car you’ve ever even heard of, and it’s highly likely that you’ve also landed on this hub by complete accident! But the Ssangyong Turismo is actually a very good car to lease. It’s big enough for all your family needs if that’s what you need, or as mentioned if you want to start up a transportation business. The interior offers high-class luxury seats and comfort, which can be adjusted to suit the needs of your passengers. What’s more is that there’s plenty of luggage room for those adventures or airport runs!

Five reasons to lease a Ssangyong Turismo

  • 7 seater MPV
  • Spacious
  • Luxurious
  • Adventurous
  • Adaptive
  • Conclusion

    So now that you know what the Ssangyong Turismo is and you know what it can do for you, maybe you would like to give us a call and discuss your options to lease? Just saying. Or check out the pictures and videos of this impressive looking MPV.

    For all of our latest deals including MPVs see our Special Offers.

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