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Why lease a Ssangyong?

Originally founded in 1954, the Ha Dong Hwan Motor workshop produced trucks, buses and special purpose vehicles of which many were for export. Not many people will know this but in 1974 this company co-founded Shinjin Jeep and developed both the hard and soft top versions.

After many name changes and dips in and out of buying and selling other companies, in 1986 Ssangyong Group was created. In 1991 Ssangyong formed a powerful partnership with Daimler-Benz which allowed Ssangyong to develop products using Mercedes-Benz technology.

So what's new this year?

Ssangyong have released new imagery of their latest concept car - the SIV-2 (Smart Interface Vehicle) which is a mid-size premium SUV development concept. It is the big brother of the SIV-1 which was debuted at the Geneva Motor show 2 years ago and since then it has been developed further under the design concept of "Dynamic Motion".

Last year they released their Tivoli car, which is a compact crossover, and was said to be the basis for Ssangyong's future. It has an all-new in-house 1.6l engine.

Reasons to lease a Ssangyong

Ssangyong cars are notoriously hardy vehicles that are also highly economical and thus cheap to run. As well as that using Mercedes technology within the engineering means that you get German-quality cars and reliability but without the price tag.

These cars are also fantastic for Business leasing uses as they have excellent fuel efficiency and are highly reliable, and also have a very smart appearance.

As well as that, looking forward using their latest concept car you can tell that the brand is going to become one that is at the forefront of technological ingenuity and development.

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