Skoda Octavia vRS lease

The Skoda Octavia vRS is the performance edition of the popular hatchback and estate. It is available as both a petrol and a diesel and with 2WD and four wheel drive. Previously seen as an underdog, the new generation of Octavia vRS has worked hard to become one of the strongest contenders as best value for money hot hatches on the market. Let’s find out why.

Why lease a Skoda Octavia vRS

The Skoda Octavia vRS is not only a sporty performance car it’s also a practical car at heart which is why it’s so popular to lease for those with families or as a company car. It’s got excellent interior luxury and gadgets, decent economy (especially the diesel) and a spacious cabin for passengers – if you go for the estate then you’ll also get an enormous boot. The Octavia vRS really is one of the most sought after cars for those who want their every day car to have some attitude when they need it. Many of our vRS leasing customers have said it’s a difficult act to follow as there are very few cars out there with as much bang for your buck as this one.


• Excellent performance for petrol and diesel

• It’s a practical family hatch at it’s core

• Reliable and powerful Volkswagen Group engines and technology

• Incredible value for money

• 4x4 capabilities also available


• There are more luxurious alternatives out there

• Reputation for being a taxi driver’s car

• Badge snobs won’t like it

Skoda Octavia vRS Specification

A Skoda Octavia vRS comes in a 2.0 TDI diesel engine and a 2.0 TSI petrol engine for both hatchback and estate. The engines come with various modes which include the vRS mode for those wanting to get maximum speed from the car. Aside from the engines, the vRS is also the second from top spec under Laurin Klement which means most of the best creature comforts Skoda has to offer comes with your Octavia vRS – this is what solidifies this magnificent car as not only a performance experience but a comfortable and innovative ride as well.

Engine Performance and Economy

2.0 TSI vRS

The 2-litre petrol engine boasts 230 break horsepower and a top speed of 155 miles per hour. You’ll go from 0-62 in 6.7 seconds. Despite this, you’ll still achieve a respectable 43.5 mpg and emit 149 g/km of Co2. This is on par with rivals such as the Golf GTI, Audi S3 and Ford Focus ST – but at a fraction of the cost which is a key point here.

2.0 TSI 245 vRS

If you want something even more than the standard TSI vRS engine then Skoda have got a slightly suped up option for you. This engine has 245 break horsepower, a 0-62 time of 6.6 seconds and a top speed of 155 miles per hour. You can achieve 42.8 miles per gallon and you’ll emit 150g/km of Co2.

2.0 TDI CR vRS

The diesel version of the Octavia vRS also packs a punch. It’s the same engine seen in the Golf GTD which is a 184 break horsepower engine with a 0-62 of 8.3 seconds and a top speed of 143 miles per hours. Expect to see a return of 62.8 mpg while emitting just 119g/km of Co2. This is a mightily impressive engine which is a perfect blend of power and economy.

2.0 TDI CR vRS 4x4 DSG

The 4x4 version of the diesel engine is the same 184 engine but there are some differences in performance. It’s 0-62 is now quicker thanks to the enhanced grip (7.6 seconds), the fuel consumption goes down to 55.4 miles per gallon, emissions are now 136g/km.

Performance Bonuses and Handling

The Octavia vRS features a striking rear spoiler on the hatchback version to improve stability and to add a touch of sporty flair. Next is a modern chrome finished exhaust pipe to accentuate that this is no ordinary Octavia. Throw in some massive alloy wheels and chrome door still strips and you’ve just got yourself a sporty yet sophisticated driving machine.

Exclusive to the vRS is the performance mode select and a sporty virtual cockpit to enhance your driving experience and feel closer to the car itself. The vRS will have a digital cockpit as oppose to analogue which will display richer information and better performance feedback.

Paint Options


Skoda Octavia has earned a reputation for being a practical and economical lease and the vRS, despite being top of the range and a performance mode, still resonates that ideal. The vRS sports seats and neat and comfortable with classy finished but not over the top – there’s even an option to upgrade to alcantara leather if you wished.

In the rear cabin there’s an abundance of space for 2-3 passengers to sit comfortably and an obscene amount of leg room. Don’t forget – the Octavia is famous for being a reliable taxi vehicle so you can start to understand how practical the interior really is.

Throw in a 590 litre boot (seats up) and 1,580 litres (seats down) for the hatchback and 610 litre (seats up) and 1,740 (seats down) for the estate and you’ve got yourself an incredibly versatile, high performing family car with an interior built for the every day.

Closing argument to lease a Skoda Octavia vRS

The Skoda Octavia vRS regardless of what engine or bodystyle you choose is one of the best pound for pound performance cars on the market. With an Octavia vRS lease you can enjoy driving a well built, well equipped car at a very competitive price. There's really nothing not to like about it!


The Octavia vRS is not without its rivals, mostly from the Volkswagen Group such as the Golf GTI, SEAT Leon Cupra, Peugeot 308 GTi and the Hyundai i30 N. Want to step up? Why not take a butchers at the Golf R, BMW M140i or the Audi S3.

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