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It’s not just another electric car; Renault have manufactured the Zoe with the sole intention of changing the public’s view of the electric car industry and making the Zoe the best of the bunch! It’s also a car that is supported by the governments’ environmentally friendly scheme which could allow you to dodge the congestion and tax fees. Winner!

Key Renault Zoe Points

Trim types available for the Zoe are Zen and Intens. Both are able to do a 149 mile range and are both obviously automatic transmissions. The engine of this electric super-mini is extraordinarily quiet, but due to the excellent chassis refinement you won’t hear all the bumps and gravelly sounds of the roads. The Zoe is limited to 84 MPH and has a BHP of 88 and acceleration to 62 MPH IN 8.4 seconds. If it doesn’t take petrol or diesel then what does it take? Just electric; It won’t last forever mind, once the 149 mile range has ran out you can charge your car at home for £3. If you’re a British Gas customer then it will cost you £1.50; this equates to fuel efficiency of 2p per mile. Absolutely splendid!

Why Lease a Renault Zoe

It looks great from the outside, it is stylish and fresh on the inside, and it has five seats, this super-mini is perfect electric car to lease for city driving and will save you an absolute bomb in the long run. We know the lease prices are a lot more than your average petrol or diesel car, but don’t be scared of the unknown as electric cars are the future.

Five reasons to lease a Renault Zoe

  • Electric car
  • Saves on fuel
  • Stylish
  • Super-cute
  • City car


In a short conclusion, the Renault Zoe is the must-have electric car of the year and future. It has superb technology and it is heavily back by the government. You need to get onto this lease as soon as.


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