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Reasons To Lease

Price Match Promise

Found a car cheaper elsewhere? Be sure to let us know - we'll see if we can beat it!

Free Nationwide Delivery

We're based in Cheshire, but that doesn't stop us delivering across the country! All of our cars will be delivered to you completely free of charge.

Manufacturer Warranty

As we only source brand new cars, each lease comes with the benefit of full manufacturer warranty.

Road Tax Included

The owner of the vehicle is responsible for making sure it's taxed. With leasing, that's the finance company! No need to worry about expensive first-year costs.

More about Lotus Exige Roadster leasing:

With a style that has stood the test of time and a badge history steeped in racing pedigree it is easy to see why so many people dream of driving a Lotus Exige Roadster, the benefit of a sporty two-door convertible that will leave many people slack-jawed as you enjoy the summer sun or the clear skies.
All Car Leasing has been supplying cars for more than 20-years and we use that knowledge to source and supply exclusive models and bespoke vehicles to our customer's needs. The Lotus Exige Roadster lease deals on this page are available today.

Why Lease a Lotus Exige Roadster

With its blistering performance and unparalleled cornering and driving capabilities, the Exige Roadster may not be an everyday driver but that is what makes it more interesting than your everyday car. The style of the Exige roadster is designed to provide the maximum focus on the driving experience without losing creature comforts. View all of All Car Leasinging's personal contract hire.

Engines and Trims

Key features of the Lotus Exige Roadster include:

  • Rear parking sensors
  • Daytime running lights
  • Electric front windows
  • 17” Alloy wheels
  • Sports seats
  • Currently, a single engine with two configurations completes the range available.

    Engine Name Fuel Type Engine Size 0-62 (Sec) BHP Top Speed (MPH) Combined MPG CO2 (g/km)
    3.5 V6 350 Petrol 3.5 L 3.9 350 170 28 235
    3.5 V6 410 Petrol 3.5 L 3.4 410 145 14.4 240

    Availability, delivery, maintenance and warranty

    The Lotus Exige Roadster is only available from factory order that guarantees you can configure the car to suit your needs, with delivery guaranteed within 36 weeks, and presented to you at your door. Maintenance can be added to your monthly premiums to cover tyre replacement and puncture repair costs as well as servicing. Lotus offers a 3-year and unlimited mileage warranty.

    Other Roadsters You Can  Lease

    The Lotus Exige Roadster is one of many roadsters we have available to lease. Take a look at these alternatives:

    Still Can't Find What You're Looking For?

    If a roadster hasn't quite made the grade then why not take a look at some of our other car leasing and business car leasing deals.

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