Lexus IS Saloon Car Leasing Deals UK - 12 found

Lexus IS300h 4dr Cvt Auto
Business£296.54per month ex. VAT
Personal£355.85per month inc. VAT
Lexus IS300h 4dr Cvt Auto [comfort Pack]
Business£302.85per month ex. VAT
Personal£363.42per month inc. VAT
Lexus IS300h 4dr Cvt Auto [comfort Pack/sunroof]
Business£312.93per month ex. VAT
Personal£375.52per month inc. VAT
Lexus IS300h 4dr Cvt Auto [sport Pack]
Business£314.02per month ex. VAT
Personal£376.82per month inc. VAT
Lexus IS300h F-sport 4dr Cvt Auto
Business£318.34per month ex. VAT
Personal£382.01per month inc. VAT
Lexus IS300h 4dr Cvt Auto [sport Pack/sunroof]
Business£323.76per month ex. VAT
Personal£388.51per month inc. VAT
Lexus IS300h 4dr Cvt Auto [premium Pack]
Business£346.13per month ex. VAT
Personal£415.36per month inc. VAT
Lexus IS300h 4dr Cvt Auto [premium Pack/sunroof]
Business£355.88per month ex. VAT
Personal£427.06per month inc. VAT
Lexus IS300h F-sport 4dr Cvt Auto [premium Pack]
Business£368.40per month ex. VAT
Personal£442.08per month inc. VAT
Lexus IS300h F-sport 4dr Cvt Auto [premium Pack/sunroof]
Business£378.15per month ex. VAT
Personal£453.78per month inc. VAT
Lexus IS300h Takumi 4dr Cvt Auto
Business£400.99per month ex. VAT
Personal£481.19per month inc. VAT
Lexus IS300h F- Sport 4dr Cvt Auto [takumi Pack]
Business£414.11per month ex. VAT
Personal£496.93per month inc. VAT

More about Lexus IS leasing:

The Lexus IS is the entry-level saloon from the premium brand. In the past it was available as a diesel and petrol but the new generation are high powered petrol or hybrid only. This makes the Lexus IS one of the most economical premium saloons available.

Key Lexus IS Points

The latest Lexus IS has an updated version of its predecessor's chassis. Lexus have made such developments so that it is now more firm and also uses 20 % firmer suspension with revised geometry. Due to this redesign, the IS has excellent stability in the corners, copious amounts of grip and very little body roll. Moreover, well-weighted steering and sturdy brakes rouse assurance. There’s an additional 70mm in the wheelbase, 50mm of which is dedicated to the comfort of rear passengers. The boot capacity is 480-litres, and rear folding seats offer plenty of extra space for larger items. The IS achieved a five-star Euro NCAP crash-test rating. This was helped by the fact that every IS comes with stability control, eight airbags and a bonnet that pops up if you collide with a pedestrian to soften the impact. Even entry-level SE cars come with dual-zone climate control, cruise control, Bluetooth and a digital radio, plus its smaller alloy wheels means that CO2 emissions will be even lower. Furthermore, Lexus have developed a new parking navigation system. The device makes finding a car park much less challenging, it also displays price information so that you can avoid extortionate prices. The IS is Powered by a 2.5-litre, 178bhp four-cylinder petrol engine mated to a 141bhp rear-mounted electric motor, it has a maximum ‘system output’ of 220bhp. CO2 emissions are as little as 99g/km and the hybrid's claimed combined economy figure of 65.7mpg.

Engine Name Fuel Type Engine Size 0-62 (Sec) BHP Top Speed (MPH) Combined MPG CO2 (g/km)
300h Hybrid 2.5 8.4 223 125 65.7 104

Why Lease a Lexus IS

Aside from the fact that the IS saloon looks stunning it is also cheap to run and quite low in price considering the amount of kit it comes with. Lease the Lexus IS saloon if you have a rich taste, want the finer things in life but are economically friendly as the Lexus IS ticks all the right boxes and comes as a stern competitor to the BMW 3-Series crowd.

Five reasons to lease a Lexus IS

  • Economical options
  • Premium brand
  • Automatic only
  • Quite a vast array of options
  • One of the best looking saloons on the market
  • Conclusion

    To conclude, the Lexus IS saloon is an alternative to the norm of the 3-Series or E-Class and ruffles a few feathers with established hybrid engines and aggressive good looks. Have a look around the Lexus IS car leasing hub today for the latest images, reviews and videos.

    Other Large Saloons You Can Lease

    The Lexus Is is a large saloon which is perfect for large families and those who are after a company car or to add to an existing fleet. However, the Lexus Is deals we have may not be for everyone so here's some competitors for you to consider while you're shopping:

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