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Welcome to the Lexus CT – the executive premium hatchback that everyone is dying to lease. Not only is this car a fantastic deal to lease but it is also one of the most economic cars going due to its hybrid engine. The Lexus CT will certainly catch some attention with its glossy sporty exterior.

Lexus CT Key Points

Since the Lexus CT made its entrance in March 2010 sales have rocketed around the world due to its ability to go lightning fast, yet still be an ultra economical green car. The Lexus CT comes fitted with a range of 200h 1.8l automatic hybrid engines, ranging from 1.8 S CVT, 1.8 SE CVT or for those who like the extra thrill you can opt for the ultimate Sport model – 200h 1.8 F-Sport CVT engine. This high speed sports engine then switches automatically from its petrol motor to its electric motor to enable you to get the max benefit from your fuel. Why not upgrade to a model that comes fitted with a premium navigation system and sunroom to add to this first-class car? 

Why Lease a Lexus CT

Why lease aLexus CT? Due to it being a cheaper alternative to other manufacturer’s cars that have hybrid engines, theLexus CTis the perfect entry level car into such a premium brand. You might be wondering where the catch is – there is none! To lease such a high standard car will only put you back around £190 a month – an incredible bargain for one of the most economical cars going!  On average you will be able to see your car getting 57.4mpg even being fitted with four driving modes; normal, sports, eco or EV. All of this makes the car very desirable for those doing any types of journey, and to go with those long journeys, you have a supreme quality interior to ensure your comfort isn’t compromised.

Five reasons to lease a Lexus CT

  • Executive premium sports model
  • Hybrid economical engine 
  • Supreme quality interior
  • Low running costs
  • Stylish sporty exterior


Overall, the Lexus CT offers unbelievable quality for money when taking out a lease agreement. With its hybrid engine making it extremely economical to drive, it’s very desirable for any type of driving. If you want to drive an executive car at a budget price why not call our sales team to get a quote and start to organise your brand new Lexus CT car lease agreement, there has never been a better time!