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Why lease a Lexus?

Lexus is the luxury vehicle sector for the Japanese car manufacturers Toyota. It was first introduced to the roads in 1989 and since then has become the largest selling company for premium branded cars worldwide. 

Lexus pride themselves on a few very important design principles, or "L-Finesse": leading edge design and technology applied with finesse - meaning seemless anticipation, incisive simplicity and intriguing elegance = the Lexus philosophy. They combine traditional Japanese mentality with their premium cars to deliver a technologically advanced yet humanised vehicle and to create striking design but still be artistic yet unpretentious.

So what's new this year?

Quite a bit actually, Lexus have been busy.

Earlier in the year Lexus launched the RX on the European market, their new SUV, and it has helped the brand as a whole more than double their European sales. It has a very unqiue exterior design making it very noticable, but inside it keeps within the up-market feel of previous Lexus models. It is a hybrid car and can go for a few miles on all-electric power, making it impressively efficient around urban areas. The car is said to feel more like one of the brands traditional luxury saloons. That means it has big comfortable seats that are really supportive, shiny wood veneers, soft leather and a large analogue clock. Apparently few if any SUVs are this well-built. Some stats for performance context - acceleration 0-62mph - 7.7 secopnds, Maximum speed is 124mph, Fuel Economy Combined - 54.3mpg and CO2 combined - 120g/km.

Lexus have also just premiered their new sports car - the LC 500. So we'll give you some specs to give you an idea of the performance of this amazing hybrid car. Acceleration from 0-62mph takes less than 4.5 seconds and the top speed of the car is to be confirmed still along with fuel economy and CO2 emissions figures. Keep a look out for more information releases.

Reasons to lease a Lexus

The Lexus range has been steadily improved lately to provide some truly brilliant yet affordable cars for the UK market including the new RX and the NX Crossover which is very popular with families. What is unusual with Lexus cars is that they deliver a premium quality vehicle both inside and out but for affordable prices, meaning you can experience a high-quality feel inside and pay a lot less than you thought for it, especially when leasing instead of buying. Lexus cars are also highly practical, so perfect for families or Business leasing uses, as the high-quality cars have that executive yet stylish look.

Summarised below are some fantastic reasons to lease a Lexus car:

  • The two SUVs in the range - the RX and NX - are perfect for families and Personal leasing, being practical yet luxurious and efficient cars
  • The saloon and SUV choices in the range also make perfect sporty Business leasing cars, for company or fleet with their executive, luxurious but great-looking cars
  • The range is highly economical with Japanese engineering being some of the best in the world, meaning you'll pay a lot less to run one
  • Lexus cars are highly powerful and not your every day workhorse cars, meaning you can use it for work, family but also for performance purposes, making these cars highly versatile
  • Each model comes with a wide range of design tools so that you can make your car truly your own, such as some brilliantly bold paint colours.

Have a browse of our range of Lexus car leasing deals and use the tools provided on each model page to help you decide which Lexus is right for your lifestyle or Business needs. Then if you want to make an enquiry or simply have a question then please call our team on 01565 880880, or alternatively, make an enquiry using the online form provided.