Infiniti Qx30 Leasing Deals

INFINITI QX30 2.2d Luxe 5dr DCT
Infiniti Qx302.2d Luxe 5dr Dct
Business£259.23per month ex. VAT
Personal£381.11per month inc. VAT
INFINITI QX30 2.2d Luxe 5dr DCT [Glass Pack]
Infiniti Qx302.2d Luxe 5dr Dct [glass Pack]
Business£263.46per month ex. VAT
Personal£387.72per month inc. VAT
INFINITI QX30 2.2d Luxe 5dr DCT [Sensory Pack]
Infiniti Qx302.2d Luxe 5dr Dct [sensory Pack]
Business£283.26per month ex. VAT
Personal£416.75per month inc. VAT
INFINITI QX30 2.2d Luxe Tech 5dr DCT
Infiniti Qx302.2d Luxe Tech 5dr Dct
Business£313.47per month ex. VAT
Personal£460.78per month inc. VAT
Infiniti Qx302.2d Luxe Tech 5dr Dct [glass Pack]
Business£319.13per month ex. VAT
Personal£469.43per month inc. VAT

More about Infiniti Qx30 leasing:

Why choose an Infiniti Qx30?

The Infiniti Qx30 is a great alternative to other 4x4's in its range for both personal and business leasing. This is because of its unique badge and styling all whilst having great technology and performance. The 2.2 Diesel Qx30 has instinctive traction due to its all-wheel drive, in that it adjusts for better traction dependant on conditions and can shift 50% of the power to its rear wheels, and when that is not necessary 100% of the power is channelled to the front wheels. This is great in that it improves overall road safety whilst offering a unique driving experience.

Engines and Equipment

Engine Name Fuel Engine Size Transmission 0-62 BHP Top Speed Combined MPG CO2
2.2D Diesel 2.2L Automatic 8.3 seconds 170 133 mph 52.3 mpg 143g/km
Equipment available on the Infiniti Qx30 dependant on choice of trim:

Nappa Leather
Infiniti InTouch creates a seamless connection between your smartphone and car
Dual Clutch Transmission
All-Wheel Drive
Drive Mode Selector

Availability, delivery, maintenance and warranty

The Infiniti Qx30 is stocked throughout our website in a variety of different trims with free delivery, full manufacturers warranty and an optional maintenance package. Click here to learn more about the Infiniti Qx30 extended warranty. 

Other Compact Crossovers You Can Lease

Compact crossovers are what we call mid-sized crossovers which are clearly larger than a hatchback but not quite as big as larger crossovers or SUVs. This is one of the most popular segments with plenty of competition for the Infiniti Qx30. The Infiniti Qx30 isn't the only compact crossover you can lease, here's a selection of others we recommend checking out:

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