Electric & Hybrid Car Lease Deals

Take advantage of game changing technology and zero emissions with electric and hybrid power car leasing. The choice is simple for those who want to make a difference as you have access to government initiatives, manufacturer deals and cost effective motoring. Lease an electric car and say goodbye to petrol and diesel. Long gone will be the maintenance of complex mechanical components, a full electric motor gives the driver instant power like never before for far lower fuel costs. Thanks to the difference in electricity prices compared to rising fossil fuels like petrol or diesel, electric car leasing will mean you never need the pumps again. The alternative to full electric vehicles is the Hybrid, a combination of either petrol or diesel power and electric power cell. Hybrids save fuel, reduce emissions and can be driven without charging time. Hybrid car leasing is the middle ground between conventional driving and EVs.

Leasing your next Hybrid or Electric car is easy

It doesn’t take much to lease a hybrid or electric car from us. In just a few simple steps we will find you the best hybrid and electric car lease deals available anywhere in the UK:

  1. Discover the best hybrid and electric car lease deal - Take a look at our special offers page to find the vehicle and deal that suits your personal or business needs.
  2. Contact Us - Once you’ve found a leasing deal you’re interested in, get in touch via phone or website for a formal quote. We’ll run you through the whole process too.
  3. Get on the road with your new hybrid or electric car - As soon as we’ve got the paperwork sorted and ran a few checks, we’ll be ready to deliver your brand new car to you so you can get driving.

Want some more information on how car leasing works? We’ve put together a whole host of guides to help you understand how vehicle leasing works and whether contract hire is right for you.

Hybrid and Electric Guides

Looking for some specific information about hybrid and electric vehicle leasing? We have a collection of guides that can answer any questions you may have about the process. 

Why choose an Electric or Hybrid Lease Car

Environmentally Friendly 

The main advantage to choosing an electric or hybrid car lease is the benefits to the environment. The electric motor supporting the traditional hybrid engines typically produce far less gCO2/km than competitive petrol or diesel engines. By choosing electric or hybrid car lease deals for your next purchase, you’re not just saving the environment, you’ll also be saving your pocket too as there are no current congestion charges for all electric vehicles. Perfect if you live in a city centre with low emission zones!  

Lower Running & Maintenance Costs 

Another great advantage of hybrid and electric cars is the lower running and maintenance costs. A study from Cap HPI has concluded that the average cost of running an electric vehicle for 3 years and 60,000 miles is 23% less than that of a petrol vehicle.

Tax Benefits

Electric vehicles are not just cheaper to own due to the lower road tax bills, they’re inexpensive to lease too. The UK Government offers an incentive for buyers of Ultra Low Emissions Vehicles up to 25% of the value of the car. Lease payments can be incredibly enticing, and here at All Car Leasing we take the incentives and pass them onto you the driver. 

Safer To Drive

Being the cars of the future means electric and hybrid cars are built with increased safety measures in mind. Improvements such as having the battery in the floor of the car makes the car more balanced and less likely to roll over, and their construction makes them safer during an accident. 

Other benefits of switching to Electric or Hybrid

Home charging point initiatives 

The UK government offers grants up to 75% for the cost and installation of a domestic charge point. Typical range is from 80-100 km from a full charge which is more than double the typical commute.

Always Connected

Some electric cars are partnered with apps to give the driver real time updates on their car. The BMW i3 for example shows range, location and battery charge from your device meaning you are always in the know about the status of your car and whether you need to charge up or not.

Efficient Fuel Economy

If you’re wanting to be smart about your fuel economy, leasing a hybrid or electric car is the best way forward. You can save money on the cost of fuel as the price of electricity is considerably less than traditional fossil fuels and the car's performance won’t be affected. 

Electric Hybrid Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re still trying to get your head around hybrid or electric car leasing, then check out the FAQs below. For more information check out our car leasing guides, and if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Do I need a dedicated charging point installed to charge my electric vehicle?

Strictly speaking you don’t need a dedicated charging point installed in your home as charging stations are becoming more and more common all over the UK. However in the long run it will be more convenient for you to get a dedicated charging point installed as you will then be able to charge your vehicle at your own leisure at no extra cost (unlike at a supermarket where you would have to pay). You having the dedicated charging point can also mean that your car charges quicker as they are often more powerful than those found in supermarkets or shopping centres.

Where can I charge my electric car?

You will often find charging stations for your electric vehicle across many public car parks, supermarkets, shopping centres and service stations throughout the UK. These allow you to plug in your electric car to charge whilst you’re shopping so it is ready for you to drive away on your return.

How long do EV car batteries typically last?

Current predictions suggest EV batteries will typically last from 10-20 years before they will need replacing.

How do I find charging points?

You can quickly and easily find your local charging station on this interactive map. Working out the distance to your nearest charging station should be done if you’re considering leasing an electric car, or consider investing in a charging point in your home. 

Our best selling electric cars

  • Tesla Model 3
  • Nissan Leaf
  • Renault Zoe
  • Audi E-Tron
  • Jaguar I-Pace

Our best selling hybrid cars

  • Toyota Corolla
  • Lexus Ux
  • Lexus Nx

All hybrid & electric manufacturers

  • Audi 
  • BMW
  • Citreon
  • Fiat
  • Ford
  • Honda
  • Hyundai
  • Jaguar
  • Kia
  • Land Rover
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • MG Motor
  • Mitsubishi
  • Nissan
  • Peugeot
  • Polestar
  • Porsche
  • Renault
  • SEAT
  • Smart
  • Tesla
  • Volkswagen

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