Honda Civic Type R Lease

The Honda Civic Type R is a hot performance hatchback with futuristic looks and outstanding performance. This vehicle truly sets you apart from the rest of the crowd with its large spoiler and defining curves. The vehicle itself has played a major part in the development of Honda as it was first introduced in 1997 and certainly is up there as one of their most powerful vehicles. There are two versions of the Honda Civic Type R being the standard type R and the Type R GT with the only differences being spec based. The Honda Civic Type R makes a perfect vehicle for leasing, and a vehicle we are so delighted to be able to offer here at All Car Leasing.

Why Lease a Honda Civic Type R?-

If you are looking for a performance vehicle for an exciting drive and you like gaining attention, consider the Honda Civic Type R. It stands out amongst other vehicles due to its striking looks and has a ridiculously loud exhaust coupled with a powerful engine, all whilst coming at a pretty affordable price for what this beast actually is. It features a 2.0L Turbo engine producing an outstanding 320 BHP, allowing it to breeze 0-62mph in a mere 5.8 seconds.


  • Powerful and Quick
  • Distinctive Looks
  • Practicality
  • Triple Exhaust


  • Very Noisey- Draws Attention
  • Could be perceived as overstyled
  • Infotainment System Is Fairly Basic

Honda Civic Type R Specification


The Honda Civic Type R sits as one of the most notorious hot hatches due to its impressive performance and extravagant styling. It features a 2.0L, four-cylinder VTEC TURBO engine coupled with brilliant handling and suspension, making your drive in the Honda Civic Type-R more unique and exciting than ever. It also features some great driver assistance systems which make driving this beast that one bit easier.

Engine Performance and Economy:

The Honda Civic Type R features a 2.0L turbocharged Vtec TURBO engine boasting 320 bhp and capable of a max speed of just 169mph. Due to being such a powerful hot hatch, the Honda Civic Type R doesn’t have the best fuel economy in comparison to standard vehicles but considering it is a performance vehicle, it's surprisingly pretty good. The vehicle has a combined fuel economy of 36.2 mpg, urban (city driving)- 28.8 mpg and extra-urban of 43.5 mpg.

Performance Bonuses and Handling: 

The Civic Type R handles well with its introduction of a rev match control system which ensures that gear changes are slick and easier than ever. This couples with a high rigidity body frame and brand new multi-link suspension system in place to reduce torque steer and optimise the vehicles handling; which makes driving in tough and threatening conditions even easier and more exciting than ever.

Driving Technology: 

The Honda Civic Type R also boasts a variety of different driver assistance systems, which makes somewhat difficult driving like hill starts that one bit easier. These include the likes of: 

Collision Mitigation System

This is a collision avoidance system which is designed to prevent or reduce the severity of a collision. Initially, the system will warn the driver and then adjusts the braking and steering to best avoid overall damage.  

Lane Keeping Assist System

The system is used to warn the driver when a driver begins to move out of the lane without applying the indicators and helps to keep the car stay in lane.  

Traffic Sign Recognition

 A traffic sign recognition system uses a front-facing camera, which scans ahead of the road and will notify the driver as to the driver needs to abide by.  

If you want to find out more, be sure to contact us on 01565 880880, one of our account managers will be happy to help.  

Paint Jobs

The Honda Civic Type R comes with a large variety of different colourways to choose from and all for different prices. The most notorious and popular colour for the Type R has to be the ‘Rallye Red’ which comes as standard and ‘Championship White’ as a popular paid option. Each striking colour adds a boisterous personality to the vehicle. (Prices outlined below) 

  • Crystal Black Pearl- £525.00 
  • Championship White- £525.00
  • Polished Metal Metallic- £525.00
  • Rallye Red- Standard
  • Brilliant Sporty Blue Metallic-£525.00
  • Sonic Grey Pearl- £525.00



Unfortunately, the Honda Civic Type R only has the choice of one set of Alloy Wheels, but why would you want any other when they are as nice as they are. You receive custom 20-inch piano black alloys with slick red styling to match the Type R’s race-like interior.


The Honda Civic Type R interior features a dark and exuberant styling with its dark red colourway on its leather-wrapped steering wheel and suede Alcantara sports seats. It also features a useful infotainment system which allows access to driver information and a 7-inch touchscreen display, for use of music, navigation and phone calls with ease. As you know it's the small things in life which make us happy and something the manufacturer’s of Honda abide by, they have made sure that every Type R produced has a fitted serial number plate located just under the gear stick, adding that extra sense of personalisation. And for all you mobile phone addicts, it features an installed charging pad so that you don’t have to worry about charging your phone throughout the day.

The Type R also has a 3-Mode driving system which allows you to change the way that the car handles itself dependant upon your choice of driving. Simply choose between 'Comfort', 'Sport' or 'R mode' to see the true capabilities that the Honda Civic Type R has to offer.  

Optional Extras: 

  • Carbon B-Pillar Decorations- £920.00 
  • Carbon Exterior Pack- £3395.00
  • Carbon Door Mirror Caps- £565.00
  • Carbon rear Diffuser Decoration- £1025.00
  • Carbon Wing Spoiler- £1825.00
  • Silver Door Mirror Caps- £180.00
  • Tailgate Spoiler- £435.00

What does the Type R GT offer? (Extra Spec)

  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • LED Front Fog Lights
  • Extra Safety Kit
  • Blind Spot Warning
  • Dual-Zone Climate Control
  • Sat-Nav
  • Wireless Phone Charger

Rivals to Consider:

If the Honda Civic Type R wasn’t quite what you had in mind, consider the cheaper alternative performance vehicles Megane R.S and Hyundai i30 N, or step up the game with the Volkswagen Golf R, BMW M140i and Mercedes A35 AMG.

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