Golf GTD Lease

Volkswagen is amongst the elite of the motoring industry, due to their iconic and unique cars which highly populate British roads. They have created the likes of the Polo, Tiguan, Golf R and their amazing diesel, the Golf GTD. The Golf GTD is considered to be the diesel variant to the Golf GTI and comes in both a hatchback and an estate form, which makes it perfect for both personal and family use or business use. It is sought after, due to its unreal fuel economy whilst still having intense power and performance.

Why Lease a Volkswagen Golf GTD?

The Volkswagen Golf GTD is perfect if you are looking for a vehicle that will save you money in the long term due to its incredible fuel economy, whilst still having great performance and brilliant technological capability due to its nippy 2.0L engine and brilliant and futuristic infotainment system. Below we have featured some pros and cons to the Golf GTD:


  •    Great Fuel Economy
  •    Brilliant Infotainment System
  •    Powerful Engine and Amazing Handling
  •    Prestigious Badge
  •    Available in an Estate


  • Slower than that of the Golf GTI and other performance vehicles
  • Expensive
  • Could be deemed to be a boring shape
  • Not an All-Wheel-Drive

Golf GTD Specification


The Golf GTD is the perfect car if you are looking for cheap running costs due to its brilliant fuel economy all-whilst having outstanding performance similar to that of the Golf GTI. The choice between having the estate variant as well as the hatchback allows for increased practicality and space, making your experience in the GTD more comfortable than ever. In terms of performance, the GTD features a 2.0L engine allowing you to breeze 0-62 in 7.5 seconds in the hatchback and 7.8 seconds in the Estate. The German manufacturers have also designed an outstanding and class-leading interior, featuring a futuristic infotainment system and virtual cockpit, allowing access to navigation, phone calls and music at the ease of the touch. Nonetheless, the Golf GTD is a force to be reckoned with. 

Performance and Handling

The Golf GTD has both great performance and handling as it sits similar to that of the Golf GTI. It features a 2.0L engine with 245BHP which allows for an amazing 0-62 of 7.5 seconds. and a top speed of 144mph. This compares to 6.2 seconds in the VW Golf GTI and a top speed of 154mph; although it is a second slower, the better fuel economy makes for it and the difference in speed is marginal. In terms of handling, the Golf GTD provides a luxurious and easy drive. This is due to lower suspension, which allows for better versatility, and electronic differential lock allowing for tighter turns and better grip- meaning that the GTD can battle all kinds of tough weather conditions. 

Technology and Interior

The Golf GTD has some amazing technological capabilities and interior qualities, which makes the GTD more unique than ever. It comes with a featured intelligent dashboard with controls on a 12.3" Active Information Display on the dash to allow access to relevant information whilst also having a great infotainment system- an optional pro touch navigation system for use of phone calls, navigation and your favourite music at the ease of the touch. 

The Golf GTD also has some brilliant driver assistance features which improve overall safety and ease of commuting. These include: Traffic Jam assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Predictive Pedestrian Protection, Park Assist and Trailer Assist( useful for the estate variant) plus more...

Paint Jobs

The Golf GTD has a variety of different colour choices to choose from, we have included the array in the image below:

From left to right these include: "Pure White-£0", "Tornado Red-£285", "Lapiz Blue-£?)", "Deep Black-£575", "Idium Grey Metallic-"£575", "Isaac Blue Steel Metallic -£575", Tungsten Silver Metallic- £575" and "White Silver- £285". 


The Golf GTD has the same alloys available as the Golf GTD as it is the diesel variant to the GTI, the four alloys are (left to right): 19" Santiago-£995, 19" Brescia- £600, 18" Seville Dark Graphite-£500 and the standard Parker 18" alloys.

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