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BMW X3 xDrive20d SE 5dr Step Auto
BMW X3Xdrive20d Se 5dr Step Auto
Business£336.74per month ex. VAT
Personal£412.66per month inc. VAT
BMW X3 xDrive20i SE 5dr Step Auto
BMW X3Xdrive20i Se 5dr Step Auto
Business£338.38per month ex. VAT
Personal£414.64per month inc. VAT
BMW X3 xDrive20i xLine 5dr Step Auto
BMW X3Xdrive20i Xline 5dr Step Auto
Business£339.56per month ex. VAT
Personal£416.05per month inc. VAT
BMW X3 xDrive20d xLine 5dr Step Auto
BMW X3Xdrive20d Xline 5dr Step Auto
Business£350.26per month ex. VAT
Personal£428.88per month inc. VAT
BMW X3Xdrive20d M Sport 5dr Step Auto
Business£353.82per month ex. VAT
Personal£433.15per month inc. VAT
BMW X3Xdrive20i M Sport 5dr Step Auto
Business£360.29per month ex. VAT
Personal£440.92per month inc. VAT
BMW X3Xdrive30d Xline 5dr Step Auto
Business£398.30per month ex. VAT
Personal£486.54per month inc. VAT
BMW X3Xdrive30d Se 5dr Step Auto
Business£401.50per month ex. VAT
Personal£490.37per month inc. VAT
BMW X3Xdrive30d M Sport 5dr Step Auto
Business£402.41per month ex. VAT
Personal£491.46per month inc. VAT
BMW X3Xdrive M40i 5dr Step Auto
Business£433.58per month ex. VAT
Personal£528.86per month inc. VAT

More about BMW X3 leasing:

Key BMW X3 Points

The BMW is available in a manual or automatic transmission with the xDrive 4 wheel drive as an option to take, to give you that extra stability on different terrains. The standard X3 comes with a 150 bhp with a 6 speed manual gearbox, allowing speeds of 121mph, giving you 56.5 miles to the gallon. The top spec comes with a 313 bhp engine with an 8 speed semi-automatic gearbox, allowing speeds of 152 mph, giving 47.1 miles to the gallon. This comes with some different trims such as the SE, xLine and the M Sport. 

Why lease a BMW X3 

The X3 is a sporty SUV with 4 wheel drive capabilities and dashing aesthetics. The interior is spacious and will fit 3 people in the back no problem. The front has the familiar BMW layout with the multi-function steering wheel and the BMW computer system in the middle with the smart looking gearbox in the centre. You’ll love the seating, as it is fully electrically adjustable with heating and then you have the other equipment on the dashboard that you’ll surely love. 

Five reasons to lease a BMW X3 

  1.  xDrive 4 Wheel Drive 
  2. Timeless Design 
  3. Spacious interior 
  4. BMW Reliability 
  5. High Quality Build 


The X3 is an all-round practical car. It has the spacious interior, a high level of equipment inside and it looks brilliant. The X3 can be used for an all-around everyday practical car for the work run or the school run. You can fit the shopping in the boot no problem at all. The miles per gallon given by this car is very good too so you'll save some money there. 

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