BMW M4 Convertible Lease Deals

BMW M4 ConvertibleM4 2dr
Business£627.34per month ex. VAT
Personal£774.02per month inc. VAT
BMW M4 ConvertibleM4 2dr Dct
Business£634.34per month ex. VAT
Personal£771.05per month inc. VAT
BMW M4 CONVERTIBLE M4 2dr [Competition Pack]
BMW M4 ConvertibleM4 2dr [competition Pack]
Business£645.75per month ex. VAT
Personal£793.49per month inc. VAT
BMW M4 CONVERTIBLE M4 2dr DCT [Competition Pack]
BMW M4 ConvertibleM4 2dr Dct [competition Pack]
Business£654.09per month ex. VAT
Personal£790.48per month inc. VAT
BMW M4 ConvertibleM4 2dr Dct [competition/ultimate Non-carbon]
Business£768.83per month ex. VAT
Personal£922.60per month inc. VAT

More about BMW M4 Convertible leasing:

Why choose a BMW M4 Convertible?

If you're looking at the M4 convertible it makes two things clear to us - you want the power it holds at your fingertips and you want a car that allows you enjoy good weather, even more, to really feel closer to the road. You'll get one with the M4 coupe and both with an M4 convertible lease. The roof comes down in 20 seconds flat and can be done at any speed up to 12 mph. It's an astonishing mechanical marvel from the German manufacturer's that's been garnering rave reviews from all corners of the UK. Whether you're after a personal car lease deal or a business deal, you won't be disappointed with an M4 convertible. 

Engines and Equipment

The below is a table of the engines and packs and their respective stats

Engine Name Fuel Engine Size Transmission 0-62 BHP Top Speed Combined MPG CO2
Standard Petrol 3.0L Automatic 4.6s 431 156 29.7 mpg 233g/km
Competition Pack Petrol 3.0L Automatic 4.5s 450 156 29.7 mpg 232g/km
Ultimate Pack Petrol 3.0L Automatic 4.3s 450 156 32.5 mpg 203g/km
The BMW M4 convertible comes with the following equipment options

  • M compound breaks
  • Adaptive M suspension
  • Active differential
  • M seats
  • Light alloy wheels
  • Adaptive LED headlights
  • BMW connected drive
  • Real-time traffic information
  • BMW Connected apps

Availability, delivery, and warranty

The M4 convertible is a vehicle which can have a surprisingly short turnaround with us. All BMW M4 convertibles come with free delivery, full manufacturer's warranty, and an optional maintenance package.

Click here to find out more about the M4 warranty.

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