BMW M2 Lease - 2 found

Special Offer
BMW M2 M2 Competition 2dr DCT
BMW M2M2 Competition 2dr Dct
Business£366.99per month ex. VAT
PersonalPOAper month inc. VAT
BMW M2 M2 Competition 2dr
BMW M2M2 Competition 2dr
Business£451.51per month ex. VAT
Personal£541.81per month inc. VAT

More about BMW M2 leasing:

BMW M2 Lease - Why Choose An M2?

Despite being a performance car, the M2 does share similar practicalities to the likes of a saloon car. While your fuel economy won't be as great as a standard 2 series, the M2 is made for keeping a smile on your face, you'll soon overlook that minor drawback. It's a car you can live with daily, it's not constantly in race mode though it is always race-ready! Being an enthusiasts car you have the choice between a manual or auto gearbox, purists will opt for the manual but the auto is an incredibly good 7-Speed. No matter which you choose, the car comes with different driving modes which can differentiate the suspension setup, throttle response and most importantly - the exhaust note.


There's only one engine for the M2 however it's available in different calibres - if you opt for the Competition model you'll get an extra 40 brake horsepower. Take a look at the table below to see the performance breakdown:

Engine Name Fuel Engine Size Transmission 0-62 Horsepower Top Speed Combined MPG CO2
M2 Petrol 3.0L Manual 4.3s 365bhp 155mph 35.8mpg 185g/km
M2 Petrol 3.0L Automatic 4.3s 365bhp 155mph 35.8mpg 185g/km
M2 Competition Petrol 3.0L Manual 4.4s 410bhp 155mph 28.2mpg 227g/km
M2 Competition Petrol 3.0L Automatic 4.2s 410bhp 155mph 30.7mpg 209g/km

Availability, Delivery, Maintenance & Warranty

As performance models are so desirable to many, the residual value is typically quite strong. This means there's a chance we may be able to find one in stock for you, however in the event of a factory order you'll be able to spec the car exactly how you like. All of our BMW M2 lease deals come with the standard manufacturer warranty along with free nationwide delivery to anywhere within the mainland UK.

For more information on BMW warranty, click here.

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