BMW M2 Lease

BMW M2 M2 Competition 2dr
BMW M2M2 Competition 2dr
Business£434.59per month ex. VAT
Personal£536.54per month inc. VAT
BMW M2 M2 Competition 2dr DCT
BMW M2M2 Competition 2dr Dct
Business£455.84per month ex. VAT
Personal£554.26per month inc. VAT

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BMW M2 Lease - Why Choose An M2?

Despite being a performance car, the M2 does share similar practicalities to the likes of a saloon car. While your fuel economy won't be as great as a standard 2 series, the M2 is made for keeping a smile on your face, you'll soon overlook that minor drawback. It's a car you can live with daily, it's not constantly in race mode though it is always race-ready! Being an enthusiasts car you have the choice between a manual or auto gearbox, purists will opt for the manual but the auto is an incredibly good 7-Speed. No matter which you choose, the car comes with different driving modes which can differentiate the suspension setup, throttle response and most importantly - the exhaust note.


  • Perfect for enthusiasts
  • Aggressive looks
  • Incredible soundtrack
  • Sharp handling
  • M Power!


  • High list price for its class
  • You'll be on first name terms with petrol station staff
  • Not much room in the back
  • Expensive to maintain
  • Somewhat muted interior


There's only one engine for the M2 however it's available in different calibres - if you opt for the Competition model you'll get an extra 40 brake horsepower. Take a look at the table below to see the performance breakdown:

Interior Key Features

On the inside, there isn't a whole lot different to the standard 2 Series - though the most eye-catching difference is the suede/alcantara material dotted around the cabin and the contrast blue stitching. Being essentially a range topping 2 Series, the M2 gets sat-nav as standard with an 8.8" display, Apple CarPlay and areas which were previously plastic trim are now carbon fibre (though you can revert this back to the standard Black Gloss, if you wish).

Availability, Delivery, Maintenance & Warranty

As performance models are so desirable to many, the residual value is typically quite strong. This means there's a chance we may be able to find one in stock for you, however in the event of a factory order you'll be able to spec the car exactly how you like. All of our BMW M2 lease deals come with the standard manufacturer warranty along with free nationwide delivery to anywhere within the mainland UK.

For more information on BMW warranty, click here.

Paint Choice

The colour used on the poster-boy car is Long Beach Blue, though you'll be glad to hear that no matter which colour you choose, it won't be a cost option as each choice is free of charge! The only non-metallic paint option displayed is Alpine White, a colour used as standard across a large majority of the BMW range.

Alloy Wheels

As for the wheels, there are three different choices. While the standard wheels are bespoke to the M2, you can opt for alloys wheel that feature on the 2-Series, if you want your car to look a tad more understated. The 19" 788 Y-Spoke alloys come as standard, whereas the Jet Black variant is available for an extra £215. The tyres themselves are a touch on the low profile side

BMW M2 Alloys


Being an M car, the majority of the BMW M2's rivals are from other high-end manufacturers. It's main competitors are the Porsche Cayman, Nissan 370Z, Mercedes CLA45 AMG & Ford Focus RS. While all of these cars don't share the same formula, they do share similarities in price point which begins to matter much more when you're planning to spend this sum of money.

Other Performance Cars You Can Lease

The BMW M2 is a niche car to lease but worth it. If you're trying to make sure to get the car that fits you the best why not take a look at the competitors over at our performance car leasing page. Or, check out these:

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