BMW M140i Lease

As far as hot hatchbacks go, none are comparable to the level of excitement provided by the M140i. It's unique selling point is the fact that its got a six-cylinder engine (largest in its class) and it's rear-wheel drive (the only in its class) meaning it's much more tail-happy in the corners compared to more traditional hot hatches and the BMW badge its-self is another big selling point to some. It's a really interesting car to consider, as when it comes to price point the M140i sits just below the Mercedes A45 AMG and Audi RS3.

Due to it being a 1-series at it's core it is just as popular as a personal lease as it is a business lease.

Just like the standard 1-Series, the BMW M140i is available as a three-door and five-door model, but unless you're a car enthusiast you'd be hard-pressed to tell the difference between the performance and standard model looks-wise, though you can certainly hear the difference.


  • Great soundtrack
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Still available as a three-door unlike other modern hot-hatches
  • Plush interior
  • Powerful engine


  • Firm ride
  • Tiny boot
  • Can't tell its a performance model to the untrained eye
  • Frightening fuel economy
  • Looks aren't to everyone's taste

BMW M140i Specification

Over the previous M135i variant, the 140i adds an extra 15 brake horsepower to an already powerful engine seen in the BMW M240i, it's throaty in-line six is one of BMW's most critically acclaimed engines, it really adds some grunt to a car with an already agile setup. Check out the performance specs below -

BMW M140i Specs Manual Automatic
Engine Size 3.0L 3.0L
Brake Horsepower 340bhp 340bhp
Top Speed 155mph 155mph
0-62 Mph 4.8s 4.6s
Fuel Consumption 36.2mpg 39.8mpg

As you can see, the manufacturer stated stats show a 0.2 second difference between the manual and auto transmission, however it's the MPG you should take with a pinch of salt as most owners claim to average in the mid 20's. Fun fact - despite the added power over the M135i, the M140i actually returns greater fuel economy! What's more, is that the top speed has also been electronically limited to 155 mph, as is BMW tradition.


On the standard model, you can only have the 18" Ferric Grey Double-spoke M alloys the car comes with, but if you opt for the 'Shadow Edition' trim level, there's a choice of two others - the 18" Orbit double-spokes which have a black coating, or the 18" Jet Black Double-spokes. The good thing is that despite which wheels you choose, they aren't currently a cost option, so you can pick which-ever you like without having to worry about upping the price. Regardless of the set you choose, they all feature locking wheel nuts to help protect against theft.


Much like most models in the BMW range, Alpine White is the only non cost-option colour available to you, however the BMW produce some amazing metallic paint colours, such as the signature Estoril Blue which you'll see on tons of BMW's on the road. Plus, the choices themselves are more on the conservative side when compared to Volkswagen-Audi group models.

BMW M140i Interior

As for the inside, it's pretty much the same as the standard 1-Series, though you do see the 'M' logo on the steering wheel and gear lever. As standard you get full leather seats (with a choice of three different colours) which have electronically adjustable side-bolsters which will keep you held in place throughout any spirited driving. If you travel with rear passengers a lot, you'll definitely want to go for the five-door model, if not for the convenience of having five doors as opposed to three, then definitely for the extra leg room, as there isn't quite as much space in the back for passengers compared to other cars in its class, but this is due to the driveshaft eating away at some of the space, since the cars rear-wheel drive it's well worth the sacrifice.

BMW M140i Rivals

If you're shopping for a car of a similar calibre to the M140i, the models closest rivals are the Mercedes A45 AMG, Audi S3, Honda Civic Type R or Volkswagen Golf R. The Golf R is the more affordable choice, whereas the A45 is the fastest (and most expensive) and the S3 sits firmly in-between. If it's fun you want though, the M140i wins hands down.

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