Audi S5 Lease

Audi is a notoriously brilliant German Car manufacturer specialising in luxurious vehicles, and provide a wide range of cars you will commonly see day-to-day across the globe, with one of which being the S5 variant. The Audi S5 is the enhanced version of the ever-popular . Featuring a new V6 engine capable of extraordinary power and starring an intensified 8-speed Tiptronic transmission, all whilst having both a gorgeous exterior as well as interior. It is also available in a variety of different models- such as the , S5 coupe and even an . When you want the roof down to absorb the rays, and feel the breeze of the wind rush through your hair, the Audi S5 is a spectacular vehicle and certainly the right car to choose.

Why Lease an Audi S5? 

The Audi S5 is a gorgeous car for both personal leasingand business leasing lease due to its executive and stylish look, as well as having incredible technological capability and power. It will certainly turn heads whilst your driving due to its iconic looks and fancy badge all whilst having the V6 engine which features in some of its rivals like the Jaguar XF, BMW 440i and Mercedes CLS Coupe- just highlighting the prestige the vehicle has to offer. We have listed some pros and cons to the Audi S5 below: 


  • Outstanding Technology- Safety & Luxury
  • Prestigious Badge
  • Automatic
  • V6 Engine
  • Variety of Trim Levels


  • Less Economical than other vehicles of its class
  • Competition amongst other vehicles
  • Missing some basic technological features such as the likes of a USB port
  • Expensive to Insure

Audi A5 Specification 


The S5 sports a 3.0L V6 Engine which enables it to have an unreal horsepower of 354bhp, allowing it to breeze 0-62 in a mere 4.7 seconds and a top speed of an astonishing 155mph, coming close to some high-end sports vehicles from the likes of Ferrari and Porsche. In terms of fuel economy, the S5 could be considered to be lacking, as it has a combined mpg of 36.7 in both the Sportback and Coupe and 35.3mpg in the Cabriolet Convertible; in comparison to the Jaguar Xf S, a rival with the same engine size but an EC of 45.96mpg. However, the S5 truly provides a unique driving experience due to its amazing technological capability and inbuilt virtual cockpit. Something, you do not want to miss out on!  

Performance and Handling 

Handling in the Audi S5 truly is brilliant. It has included features such as 'S' Sport suspension and an 'S' model braking system, coupled with the benefit of having four-wheel-drive -allowing you to tackle corners with ease, as well as being able to withstand even the toughest of weather conditions. The S5 also includes a DriveSelect feature to switch between Dynamic and comfort modes, which works in conjunction with the Quattro system, by dynamically splitting the torque between the rear wheels, allowing for tighter turns and better grip.

Technology and Interior

Audi's are notoriously known to be specialists in comfort and luxury and provide class-leading technology to coincide with it, something which sets them apart from other great manufacturers such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz. In terms of the interior, the S5 features fine Nappa leather 'S' styling with an integrated pneumatic, massage function, to keep you relaxed at all times and improve your overall driving experience. If you need to take a rest after a couple of hours of hardcore driving, the S5 will certainly keep you in a relaxed state of mind. The technology used in the S5 truly is class-leading. It features a fantastic infotainment system, including a 7" coloured touchscreen tablet which allows access to AppleCarPlay and Android Auto, providing navigation, phone calls and your favourite music at the ease of the touch- with access to Siri, etc... The S5 also has a virtual cockpit, which fits a 12.3" LCD screen above the steering wheel, which you can customise through the multi-function steering wheel. The views you can choose between are the classic speedometer view, navigation map or alternative media options. 

Audi Connect 

The S5 is fortunate enough to feature 'Audi Connect', an adapted safety system to make emergencies just that one bit easier- it provides quick access to emergency services, Audi Online Roadside Assistance and your chosen service partner in quick succession. (Emergency Call, Online Roadside Assistance, Audi Service Request, Audi Incident Assistance)

My Car Manager

Through an installed app, called 'myCarManager' you can access your vehicle from outside to check the Vehicle Status Report, Remote Lock and Unlock, Find your Car and Theft Car notifications, which just proves the technological capabilities that the Audi S5 has to offer. 

Paint Jobs

In terms of paint choices, the S5 has a wide variety. As it is an adapted variant of the ever-popular Audi A5, you can choose between the 2 standard paints with an extra 10 to choose from. But the S5 has an extra three paint choices- 'Misano Red', 'Navarra Blue' and 'Daytona Grey' as well. If you're feeling adventurous enough, you can choose your own exclusive and customised paint job 

Available Colours

"Ibis White-Solid", "Brilliant Black-Solid", "Glacier White-Metallic", "Floret Silver-Metallic", "Monsoon Grey-Metallic", "Manhattan Grey-Metallic", "Mythos Black-Metallic" and "Gotland Green- Metallic", "Scuba Blue-Metallic", "Moonlight Blue-Metallic", "Tango Red-Metallic", "Matador Red, Metallic".

S Line and S5 Colours: "Daytona Grey- Pearl Effect", "Navarra Blue-Metallic", "Misano Red-Pearl Effect" 


The 19" x 8.5J '5-spoke' Cavo design alloy wheels, contrasting grey, partly polished come included as standard on the Audi S5. However, you can choose between an array of another four alloys that come as standard as the Audi A5. 

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