Audi S3 Lease Deals

Why Lease an Audi S3?

You'll struggle to find a hatchback that shares quite as much prestige or capability as an Audi S3; it's class-leading DNA is what resulted in the S3 becoming as popular as it is; with that came a stronger residual value, making for a great value lease deal for both personal leasing and business leasing users.

Available in Saloon, Sportback or Cabriolet guise, the Audi S3 Sportback manages to blend in well with its understated styling in comparison to other modern hot hatchbacks, aside from the quad exhaust outlets and subtle red 'S' badges, the apple hasn't fell too far from the A3 tree. If the S3 is a little bit too subtle for you, there's an even more extreme RS3 version, with added performance and placements of aerodynamic trim throughout the exterior.



  • It's fast, but not the fastest
  • Everything's an optional extra
  • Four wheel drive system eats into boot space
  • Only available in automatic (at the moment)
  • Upholstery is only available in black

Audi S3 Specification

If you're a fan of the Volkswagen-Audi group, you won't be surprised to learn that the S3 shares some of the same internals as the Volkswagen Golf R. Specifically, the same 2-litre, 310 brake horsepower engine and newly developed lighter chassis. This isn't necessarily a good thing in hindsight, as the recent WLTP changes mean that this engine had to be slightly de-tuned due to the emissions output.

*These statistics are subject to change ahead of WLTP regulations, it is speculated that the engine will have a reduced power output of 300~ bhp.

As you can see, the difference between body type is marginal, with the Cabriolet being a touch slower due to the excess weight.


One of the many great things about the S3 is the choice of colour, while its a shame you can only choose between White or Black before you have to pay extra, some of the optional paints are absolutely worth reaching into your pocket for, such as the £550.00 Daytona Grey pearlescent paint or the £775.00 Ara Blue crystal effect. 

Alloy Wheels

In comparison to paint, you don't get anywhere near as many choices for alloy wheels, though two of the three you can pick are exclusive to the S3 model, whereas the 18" 10-Spoke Design wheels are available on A3 S-Line models for £650. However, if you opt for the 'Black Edition' trim level, you'll get a set of 18" 5-Arm Turbine Design wheels as standard, which look strikingly similar to the 5 Arm Rotor alloys seen on the RS3, with the same 19" Arm Wing Design available as a £900 extra. Regardless of choice, each set of alloys include locking wheel nuts in order to prevent theft.

Audi S3 Interior

It's well established that Audi are market leaders when it comes to interior design, the cabin of the S3 Sportback is neatly laid out and doesn't have any form of clutter found in less prestige brands. Audi has made sure to use high quality materials for all of the areas you'll actually touch, meaning it'll feel as expensive as it looks and should avoid any frustrating rattling sounds being produced. Being a step above the sporty S-Line trim, S3 models get the desirable flat-bottom 'S3' badged steering wheel as standard alongside 'S3' styled Nappa leather front sport seats which are heated as standard.


Sitting in the upper echelon of hot hatchbacks, the Audi S3's closest competitors are of a similar calibre, such as the Volkswagen Golf R and BMW M140i  and the bigger and better brother, the Audi S5. While they're close in performance, each car does have a different angle, the BMW is rear-wheel drive (as is tradition), most of the Ford's budget went towards performance and features a 'drift' mode but lacks on the interior when compared to the Audi and the VW offers good all-round value for money if you can live without the embellishments found in an Audi.

If you're interested in leasing a performance car and want to see our full list of offers, take a look at our performance car leasing page to find your ideal car!