Does insurance come included with the car lease deal?

Car Leasing and Insurance Policy

No, insurance is not included in these prices. At the moment it is the drivers responsibility to get insurance on the vehicle. Perhaps things will change in the future but for now, no insurance is included through All Car Leasing.

By law we are not allowed to recommend an insurance company, so we would recommend using comparison sites to find your insurance provider.

What should I do now?

If you are looking around our site for car leasing deals it would be beneficial for you to see if it would suit your needs to get general quotes on the model you are looking at. You don’t need a registration number to be able to get a quote so there will be nothing stopping you.

Do I need to look at insurance before accepting a quote?

No, but you will need to be insured before driving the car. It’s recommended to look around for insurance quotes early on just so you know what it could cost and as soon as you have been given a delivery date that would be the best time to arrange the cover to begin that day.