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The BMW X5 is the higher range model in the X line of BMW's. The X5 is bigger than the lower models so it offers more interior space and more room for extra technology. BMW had this made as a luxury cruiser due to its larger proportions, so expect more power.


Key BMW X5 Points

The X5 is available as a petrol or diesel engine. The standard X5 starts with a 218 BHP engine with an 8-speed automatic gearbox allowing speeds of 137 MPH, giving 50.4 miles to the gallon. The BMW X5 has many trims to choose from such as the SE, M Sport and the more powerful M X5, giving 300 BHP and extra M technology and mechanics. 

The X5 is a car that you can take on long trips with multiple people as there is so much space to move around in there. You will enjoy the smooth ride above other cars as those big 19" alloy wheels and that will elevate you quite a lot. You'll feel so good driving this car, so why wait, grab one while you can.

The X5 is an ideal car for personal car leasing and business.

Why lease a BMW X5 

The X5 is a big SUV with a spacious, luxury packed interior with enough room to fit a large family and the rest. The X5 interior is lovely like all BMW interiors with the iDrive system in the middle and the built-in satellite navigation above. The X5 feels high quality and as soon as you step into the car you can tell it has been made with pristine quality and care. You can also opt for the M X5 or the M Sport X5 which will have the M body on it and the extra M branded features like the M Steering wheel, M servotronic power steering and the adaptive M suspension. So you have a lot of options with this car and you can really make it your own. 

  • X5 M is available 
  • Great MPG 
  • High-Quality Interior 
  • Seven seat versions available 
  • xDrive and sDrive available 


The BMW X5 is a large car that can be tuned to your liking. If you want an X5 with a huge engine then you can get the X5 M or if you wanted the M body then you can opt for the M Sport package. On the other hand, you can choose the SE, which will still have all the luxuries and you'll be paying a bit less for it too.  

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