More about BMW I3 Hatchback leasing:


The BMW i3 is an electric car with 2 variations, the 5d Auto and the Range Extender. The i3 has many different interior variations. You can choose the Loft Interior World, Lodge Interior World and the Suite Interior World edition. The suicide doors really open up the i3 and it looks really comfy and homely on the interior. 

Why lease a BMW i3 

If you were to lease one of these you would be getting outstanding miles to the gallon, matching the top economical cars in the market. You would be getting BMW's best small hatch innovation and BMW's new technology inside. The interior is very simple but futuristic and it looks fantastic. If you want an up to date technological, futuristic small hatch, this has the whole package. 

  •  New Technological Innovation 
  • Great fully electric range of around 200 miles depending on driving style 
  • Supremely Economical 
  • Very comfortable interior 
  • Futuristic Design 


You will be saving so much on petrol and best of all the emissions are none existent and this will keep the world a better place for a while longer. If you have a small family this is a perfect little run around as you have the nice storage compartments in the back to store your belongings and relax from A to B. The BMW i3 is a super eco-car, check it out on the BMW i3 leasing hub for more information. 

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