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Why Lease A BMW 8 Series Coupe?

If you're after a luxurious car with sportier looks over the traditional executive saloons out there, the 8 Series Coupe is the car for you, this is BMW's take on the upper-echelon of grand-tourer models available on the market and is unlike any other BMW model. Being one of the first models to sport BMW's new interior re-design, the 8 Series will turn a lot of heads when cruising around town or along the motorway.


The 8 Series has a choice of either a frugal 840d diesel engine or high-performance M850i petrol. There's no official M8 performance model yet however, there are rumours that this is indeed in the works.

Engine Name Fuel Engine Size Transmission 0-62 Horsepower Top Speed Combined MPG CO2
840d Diesel 3L Automatic 4.9s 320bhp 155mph 46.3mpg 160g/km
M850i Petrol 4.4L Automatic 3.7s 530bhp 155mph 28.8mpg 224g/km

Key Features

As standard, you'll get a full leather interior with heated seats, cruise control, 20" alloy wheels and a reversing camera. There are also lots of optional extras available to upgrade things such as headlights, colour-scheme and styling upgrades.

Availability, Delivery, Maintenance & Warranty

We expect the 8-Series to be quite an exclusive model, so it's unlikely that we'll be able to find you one from stock until the model is further into its production life. On the brighter side - you'll be able to spec up your 8 series exactly how you want it through a brand new factory order. Each car will be delivered completely free of charge and will come with the standard manufacturer warranty.

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