Key BMW 7 Series Points

As you know this is built for luxury. But don't be put back by that, this still has BMW power under the hood and this car can really top those high speeds when it needs to. This has a 320 bhp 6 cylinder twin-turbo engine with an 8-speed semi-automatic gearbox. The transmissions available are manual, automatic and hybrid. Petrol cars range from the 740i and 760i, Diesel cars range from the 730d and 740d, Hybrid cars are fixed ActiveHybrid. These come with different specs such as the SE, SE Exclusive, M sport and M sport Exclusive, which are all available with Blue Performance. Blue performance makes the engines produce cleaner emissions.

Engine Name Fuel Engine Size Transmission 0-62 BHP Top Speed Combined MPG CO2
725d Diesel 2.0L Automatic 6.9s 231bhp 152mph 56.4mpg 132g/km
730d Diesel 3.0L Automatic 6.1s 265bhp 155mph 52.3mpg 143g/km
740e PHEV 2.0L Automatic 5.4s 326bhp 155mph 111.7mpg 49g/km
740d Diesel 3.0L Automatic 5.2s 320bhp 155mph 47mpg 159g/km
740Li Petrol 3.0L Automatic 5.6s 326bhp 155mph 41.5mpg 159g/km
750Li Petrol 4.4L Automatic 4.7s 450bhp 155mph 35.3mpg 186g/km
M760Li Petrol 6.6L Automatic 3.4s 610bhp 155mph 22.1mpg 294g/km

Why lease a BMW 7 Series 

If you lease this car you will reap the benefits of a luxury car with the performance capabilities of a sports coupe, the executive luxury interior that would satisfy anyone and an engine producing cleaner emissions with the help of the TwinPower Performance all in one fantastic car. The 7 series has a beautifully crafted interior made for relaxation and driver comfort. You can really tell from the quality of the interior. The engine used in the BMW has been thought about and really taken into consideration, as the Blue Performance is a really nice touch. It's nice to know that a big luxury saloon car can be Eco friendly too.


  • TwinPower Performance Available 
  • Well Crafted Interior Design 
  • Hybrid Transmissions Are Available 
  • Brilliant Engines 
  • BMW Reliability & Engineering 



The options to have a hybrid transmission and the TwinPower Performance are brilliant choices by BMW.

If you were to lease this car you have got a top-spec luxury sports motor, but it will more Eco friendly than most other top of the range cars. The interior is spacious and it contains everything a driver and passengers would ever need for a short or long journey. Most of all, it doesn't lose the sporty BMW feel and it'll satisfy you sports car lovers too.

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