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The BMW 4 Series is available in trim types, SE, Sport, M Sport and Luxury and the engine sizes are very attractive ranging from a 2.0-litre petrol with a BHP of 184 and then moving rapidly up the ranks to 245 BHP and 306 BHP. With the diesel engines, you'll get 184 BHP, 218 and 258 BHP and all engines over the range offer fantastic fuel efficiency.

5 Reasons to lease a 4 Series


  1. Excellent engines with new TwinPower turbo generation 
  2. German reliability, build quality and quality materials 
  3. Cost a lot less to lease than to buy with flexible terms 
  4. A whole host of driving aids as standard 
  5. Built for speed and comfort



When you're looking for a BMW you know exactly what to expect from any of their cars (the reason why you want one in the first place), and the 4 Series has been developed so beautifully that it has easily caught up to the rest of the more mature range.

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