Worst Cars in the UK

Worst Cars in the UK
15 Aug 2018
By Richard Bolton

There are some cars that despite popular condemnation continue to be produced, sometimes out of sheer defiance others are just ahead of their time, we made our list from those that we just can't justify why they are still available today, including a popular Mercedes and a car we like but don't understand why the manufacturer continues to beat themselves in the market. Here is All Car Leasing's list of the worst cars in the UK that you can lease today.

Mini Clubman

Always a popular car on any worst list we start with the Mini Clubman for its resilience to change in particular the rear doors, the only 6 door vehicle available in the UK today, the split rear door each with its own window the frame reduces central visibility and although the issue of only one rear passenger door was quickly shelved when it was first released the Clubman retains the Mini badge and style while having an overall length of 4.25 m. The Clubman is, however, a practical and reliable car with a BMW powerplant and the estate boot makes loading and unloading easy.

Peugeot Ion

There are a few questions that we have for the design team at Peugeot who signed off on the Ion, with a front view that only its manufacturer could love. Reminiscent of the first generation Mercedes-Benz A-Class meets a Smartcar, the absence of a grill or air vent is also unusual. We are in support of Peugeot's attempt at a new design and innovative technology but are confused why the manufacturer that brought the world the RCZ has got the style so wrong.

Fiat 124 Spider

Although the 124 Spider is a beautiful looking car and based on the bestselling roadster in the world the Mazda MX-5 and so it has design and pedigree but knowing that there is a faster more luxurious Abarth version makes us think why wouldn’t you spend the extra and get the nicer car? Apart from accents and badges, the body is identical on the Fiat 124 Spider to the Abarth variant. The interior is the biggest difference, leather trim is swapped for suede and rubber pedal removed for steel racing style pedals the Abarth cockpit is just a nicer place to be and the badge will be far more noticeable.

Mercedes-Benz GLE

Possibly the most controversial on our list is the Mercedes GLE, part of the range of saloons Mercedes-Benz decided needed to be lifted off the floor and have wider body kits and flared wheel arches. Although the GLE is a dream to drive and has a commanding road position as a result of the changes there is a sense that it is just an E Class Mercedes that has been hitting the protein supplements to hard. Thankfully the higher driving position and rear privacy glass as standard meant that not many people can see the driver.

Worst Cars 2018 Mercedes GLE

Smart for Two Cabrio

Perhaps the most likely on our list is the Smart for Two Cabrio a compact city car with little boot space or bonnet length that you can drop the roof and windows on and enjoy the city air? We understand the smug feeling convertible owners feel the few summer days they can drop the top and drive in the sun and we understand the need for an ultra-compact city coupe but a convertible city car has left us bewildered.

Vauxhall Viva

This is the most difficult car on our list as we really like the viva it has had reasonable reviews and although the shape seems a little dated the interior and cockpit layout is not bad for a budget small car, our issue with the Viva is the similarity it shares with the Adam and Corsa both of which are in our opinion better suited to serving their target audience needs. The Viva, therefore, has almost diluted Vauxhalls range more than was necessary and we would not be surprised to see it fall from the line up in the near future.

Toyota Mirai

The Mirai is a victim of it’s own fate and we are in full support of the engineering and technological development of the Toyota Hydrogen program and although they are more popular in Japan and increasingly more popular in mainland Europe, the lack of Hydrogen filling stations in the UK means that unless you live or work near a sustainable hydrogen filling station or pump it will take a full tank of fuel to get you to a pump and due to the pressure hydrogen has to be stored under jerry cans are useless. Currently, there are only 15 active hydrogen refuelling stations in the UK with a further 4 currently in planning. We applaud Toyota for offering such a marginal car in the UK however they may be a little ahead of their time.

Worst Cars Toyota Hydrogen

Ford Mustang

Added to our list with some internal conflict is the Ford Mustang in particular the 2.3 EcoBoost engine, although the Mustang has an eye-catching shape and a distinguished badge that makes most people picture classic American muscle there is always a sense of disappointment when you expect the V8 GT to roar past and instead you are treated to the mild whoosh of wind noise as it bumbles past. We would lease one tomorrow if we weren’t afraid of disappointing people wanting to hear a real mustang every time they saw it.

Worst cars Uk mustang

Kia Soul

The last but not the worst offender on our list is the Kia Soul a car that has remained as box-shaped and simple in its design as the first day it was illustrated, presumably by a young child with a ruler. The straight lines and entry-level trim leave a lot to be imagined while the shape does utilise space incredibly well, the Soul Sport is a good example of how a mundane car can be adapted with a few optional extras to be eye-catching and practical.

Worst Cars 2018 Kia Soul

At All Car leasing our aim is to provide the very best customer service and competitive deal whether you are looking to lease an under-powered mustang or a cheap spider convertible one of our friendly account managers will be happy to help.


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