When Is A Good Time To Lease A Car? 

This might sound like an odd question, but many people ask ‘when is the right time to lease a new car?’. Since the price of cars fluctuates much like the housing market or the cost of holiday, there are in fact better months than others within the calendar year to sign your leasing contract. 


Although the difference wont be huge, offers are always available, there are times throughout the year where you may be able get a greater deal on your monthly payments. 

The best time to lease a new car 

Although there aren’t specific months that are too different from others when it comes to finding a good leasing price, it is certainly worthwhile placing your bets on holiday seasons and popular sales days for some really good deals. 

Much like any other business car leasing providers will put deals out for personal car leasing contracts across the major sales holidays like Black Friday and just after the Christmas period. If you’ve been looking to treat yourself with some Christmas money, January may be a great time to shop around, since these are often quieter times for car salespeople. 

Do new registration plates make a difference? 

March and September are the two months car fanatics and those interested in new models get excited for. As the new registration plates are released, so too do new models. This creates quite a buzz amongst buyers and personal car leasing customers. With this huge boom in interest from customers, it may be best to wait a little while longer for your new car model on a leasing contract. This is just so the buzz can die down and you can determine what the better price may be for the particular model you are after. 

However, this isn’t intended to put you off, our team at All Car Leasing provides deals and great contract pricing on all our models, and we can help you find the perfect deal on the dream model you are looking for - old or new! 

Can you end a car leasing contract early? 

If you’ve recently spotted a good deal but you are already signed into a personal car leasing contract, you may be wondering if it is possible to end your contract early. 

While we would always recommend seeing your contract through and waiting to upgrade your car, we can support you if you do decide to switch early. We know it’s certainly tempting to upgrade early when so many new models with upgraded gadgets and features are released! 

Depending on your finance provider, you will be charged an early termination fee of your contract. Typically this will be around 50% of the remaining rentals left on the agreement or contract. This charge is subject to a pro rata contract mileage at the time of termination. Although, since this will differ for each leasing company, it is really important to seek out advice on this from your provider before going ahead with early termination of your contract. 

To help you find the best personal car leasing price and to understand more about the contracts and models available, do not hesitate to get in touch with the team here at All Car Leasing. We can certainly help you in finding the right deal for you, your financial budget, car requirements, and more.