ROADRAGE! - What are the most annoying driving traits?

ROADRAGE! - What are the most annoying driving traits?
23 Jan 2019
By Ross Wild
Passing your driving test can be one of the most rewarding and exciting days you will experience in your life; having your drivers licence provides you with a level of freedom that you have never experienced before. You can now finally get yourself one our amazing personal leasing or business leasing deals! 

However, as experienced drivers know, it only gets worse after that. We all love driving as it's exhilarating and fun. However, if you have passed your driving test anywhere in the world or have any experience of driving a vehicle of some sort, it is inevitable that you will have experienced some degree of road rage, whether that's verbal abuse, aggressive driving or somebody 'flicking the V's', it's bound to happen. Equally, we're sure everyone has also committed some kind of annoying driving habit, it could be something as simple as maxing the volume out when playing your favourite song or driving as though you are a sloth, but you may be winding many people up on the quiet. We have taken survey data from locations all over the UK and analysed our findings to find out what the most and least annoying driving trait is. 

Winning by a high majority (26.8%), the survey found that the most annoying driving offence was not using indicators when turning or changing lanes, as it is seen as lazy driving and it could easily cause an accident. 

Using your indicators is paramount, as it enables other drivers to be aware of your intentions so that they can make space for you to move over when changing lanes or realise that you're turning off into another road. That way collisions and bumps are much easier to avoid, meaning that the RAC won't have to be called out and it won't cost you an arm and a leg to repair the vehicle. 

We also based our findings on different cities across the UK who said the same - the results are displayed on the info-graphic below.

We also found that both men and women found not using indicators most annoying, as well as every adult being the ages of 35+. Interestingly, younger adults from the ages of 25-34 said that leaving them on for too long was most frustrating. 

It's interesting to see that the majority of different cities across the UK do agree with the fact that not using indicators is the most frustrating trait, however, people from the likes of Cardiff and Southampton would disagree. People from Cardiff believe that the opposite effect of leaving the indicators on for too long is the most annoying as it's misleading and dangerous to other drivers. You also have to be wary of turns, even if they are going to carry on driving in a straight line. Citizens from Southampton believe that driving too slowly is the most annoying trait; many people must be missing their cruising holidays due to snail-like drivers holding them up. In our humble opinion, we thought that fast drivers would top the list as they cause so much hassle on the road and can cause a majority of crashes due to their race-like, reckless driving, but that genuinely isn't the case. 

The second part of our study was to find out who would report another driver if they committed a driving offence; the results were quite interesting. We based our findings on the difference in gender, another with the difference in age and the last being geographical location. 

When we asked the question: "Would you report another driver if they committed a driving offence", 84.9% of respondents replied 'Yes' and 15.1% said 'No', which is positive knowing that a much higher percentage of respondents would not simply ignore other driver's faults, however 15% of the UK population wouldn't bat an eyelid if someone was driving like a maniac. 

 A consistent result ran throughout all three categories with around 80% of all ages agreeing yes, and the same result corresponded with all of the above cities seen in the previous graph. It is of mass importance to make sure that you report a driving incident as soon as you have seen it, as it could save a life. All Car Leasing would like to raise the importance of the stupidity of ignorant driving as a bid to improve road safety, so make sure you bare all of the above in mind!

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