Throwback Thursday - Electric Jaguar

Throwback Thursday - Electric Jaguar
23 Mar 2017
By Richard Bolton

First all-electric Jaguar

The electric Jaguar seems a somewhat contradictory answer to a car that has long been known as a petrol powered beast, priding itself on high bhp and tons of torque. The strangely beautiful contradiction that is the electric Jaguar concept car, hit the auto industry headlines in 2016. However, yesterday Jaguar fans were given another tantalizing taster, with the pre-production model recently spied rocketing through the roads of London.

Jaguar I-Pace concept

The electric Jaguar has inspired us here at All Car Leasing. So this Throwback Thursday, we bring to you our 'Ode to the Jag', from way back when right through to the present day.

Throw Back to the first Jaguar

The sleek and streamlined appearance of the Jaguar began pre-war, with the model that was known as the ‘Mark IV’. A tall grille stood proudly at the front of this vehicle, adding an air of luxury to the design. Sloping wheel arches sweep down creating the classic Jaguar shape and appearance.

Jaguar XK120

After the war, the XK120 was born; giving the Jaguar shape was a radical overhaul. The hard square top that was once associated with pre-war formalities was now replaced with a fun soft top. Just looking at a picture of the XK120 inspires you to don your motor goggles and driving gloves, and take this stylish vehicle for a leisurely spin.

Classic Jaguars

As the decades moved forwards, so did the Jaguar. Post-war prosperity in the 1950s saw the introduction of the Jaguar Mark 2. The Jaguar Mark was not a vehicle that would normally be associated with the powerful performance Jaguars that we know today. This car was favourite in fifties family life, due to the four doors and the way reintroduction of the hard top. In the late 1960s, the Jaguar evolved and brought us the Jaguar XJ6. This model was broader and more assertive than previous models. This model was, in fact, the first Jaguar saloon to hit the market; perhaps this is the reason that many consider this Jaguar to be a pivotal moment in the evolution of the Jaguar. The silhouette of this vehicle was far flatter than any previous models. This streamlined aerodynamic shape certainly contributed towards the exciting new Jaguar top speed of 140mph. The new 1960s shape was certainly a step closer towards the modern day Jaguar that we know and love, and certain fantastic features from this 1960s found their way into today’s modern day Jaguars. The circular headlights from the 1960s Jaguar XJ6 are features that survived in the evolution of the Jaguar.  These circular lights can be seen on the Jaguar X360 as well as sleek aerodynamic shape. This model was featured in Top Gear, where this car comfortably cruised 800 miles from Basel to Blackpool. Classic Jaguars

Modern Jaguar

Bringing us back up to date, the concept electric Jaguar has been brought to life. This pre-production model is able to achieve a 0-60mph time in just 4 seconds and it is able to travel around 300 miles on electricity alone, so this electric car more than meets our Jaguar expectations. If you are inspired by the recent developments made by Jaguar, then why not check out our Jaguar car lease deals at All Car Leasing and give our team a call on 01565 880880, or visit our homepage to enquire about our current deals here.

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