The Best Kind Of Cars For Business Leasing

Choosing the right kind of car for business leasing depends on various factors including your business needs, budget, and preferences. When you’re looking to lease a car for business purposes, you need to consider which kind of vehicle or car would be most suitable for your job. This includes looking at various factors such as fuel efficiency, tax benefits, and the overall suitability for business use.


Below is a list of some of the best kinds of cars that are the most suitable, and popular for business car leasing.

Crossover SUVs

Crossover SUVs are a popular choice for business car leasing. This is due to their versatility and practicality. The cargo space offers plenty of room for various equipment or goods to be transported, and also provides optimum comfort for passengers. This makes this kind of car a great choice for business leasing as it can support the transportation of business equipment whilst keeping you and your employees comfortable whilst driving. Below are a couple of popular examples of crossover SUVs that are ideal for business car leasing.


Nissan Qashqai: Offers practicality without compromising on style, making it a suitable choice for business users.

Range Rover Evoque: Stylish and versatile for business use, these cars are an ideal option to suit business leases.


City cars

City cars are designed to be driven in busy cities during rush hour. This makes them a great option when considering which cars to lease for your business. As these cars are compact and manoeuvrable, they can be easily parked into tight parking spaces, and easy to drive within busy urban streets. This makes them a practical choice for business car leasing.

Here are a couple of examples of what can be classed as city cars:


Mini Cooper: A classic city car that’s stylish and compact, making it ideal for urban commuting and business professionals navigating city environments.

Fiat 500: Known for its compact size and trendy design, the Fiat 500 is a popular choice for business users seeking practical city-friendly car.


Electric and hybrid cars

Electric and hybrid vehicles are an excellent choice for business leasing. This is because they often have advanced technology and modern features that make them perfect for individuals on business leases. EVs are also a more sustainable option, as they release no carbon emissions, making them an eco-friendly alternative to conventional petrol vehicles.

What makes EVs and hybrids so good for business leasing is that they are ideal for short journeys into the city. As there are charging points in popular urban areas, EVs are a great choice for commuting in and out of the city, making them ideal for business leasing.


Below are a couple of examples of EV/hybrid cars that are suitable for business leasing.


Tesla Model 3: This electric car’s impressive range and performance is a popular choice for business users interested in sustainable driving.

Toyota Prius: A pioneer in hybrid technology, this hybrid car is known for its practicality, eco-friendly credentials and fuel efficiency, making it a go-to for business leasing.