The Best Cars To Lease for Young Drivers

Finding the perfect car lease for young drivers can be tricky, with factors like budget, driving experience, and lifestyle all playing a role. There’s often a long list of cars that aren’t suitable, from bigger vehicles to expensive models, the list of cars that are suitable can be hard to come by. However at All Car Leasing we provide all drivers with the best opportunity to find their perfect car, from the youngest of drivers to the oldest. Our list of vehicles best suited to young drivers is up to date with the latest models and details on our car leasing deals too. So, you can be sure you’ve found the right car either for you or your son or daughter.

A newly qualified driver needs a car that will give them a comfortable driving experience, one that is not too overly complicated nor too big for parking and navigating around city centres. Ensuring their comfort will guarantee their confidence as they develop the skills to drive alone. Some of the best models for such situation include:

1. Fiat 500
The cheap and cheerful Italian takes on the city car. The Fiat 500 has been a reliable option for young and inexperienced drivers for years. With its small body, comfortable interior and wide choice of colours, it’s certainly a fun but safe and simple option for new drivers. Perfect for small journeys and commutes across a city, ideal for new drivers who are just starting out on their own.

2. Volkswagen Up!
With affordable lease deals, the Volkswagen Up! Is an ideal option for new drivers with a budget. The perfect city car, the Up! Incorporates its particularly small body with the quality and comfort you would expect from a larger, more expensive VW model. VW did not switch out any of their usual interiors to make this car affordable. Instead new drivers will enjoy comfort and safety whilst being able to manoeuvre this car around small city roads and into tight parking spots - with ease!

3. Hyundai i10
The Hyundai i10 is another great compact city car that is ideal for new drivers. Simplistic interiors and easy to handle, this car is enjoyable to drive, whilst being cheap to insure and affordable to run. Much like other models by Hyundai, drivers can enjoy features such as Apple CarPlay, built-in air conditioning, rear parking sensors, and cruise control (available in certain additions). Which could all make driving just that bit less daunting for a new driver.

4. Toyota Aygo X
A slightly bigger option for a new driver, what’s fascinating about the Toyota Aygo X is the wannabe SUV body. Giving it a larger look, however the Toyota Aygo X is still very much a competitor amongst the Hyundai i10 and Volkswagen Up! It’s an excellent city car, while it is, however, slightly more expensive than others on the market and it that case sits amongst the Renault Clio and others like it when it comes to price point. Which is why our range of Toyota Aygo X car lease deals are such great options for young drivers.

5. Renault Clio
One of the most popular cars on British roads, the Renault Clio has been popular with new and young drivers for decades now. Its modern model is now an advanced take, adopting modern technology and improving driver convenience and comfort to make this car an award winner in many categories. From £190 per month, our car lease deals on the Renault Clio are affordable and cost-effective for many new drivers. And while it’s a great car for young drivers, it is popular for its spacious and sporty feeling, with plenty of room in the cabin and in the boot. This is a practical car that any new driver would enjoy driving.

Many of the best cars for new drivers are available at some of our lowest and most budget friendly car lease deals. Starting at less than £200 per month, the likes of the Fiat 500 and Renault Clio are great choices for new drivers who don’t have the funds to buy a car outright but would like to enjoy the benefits of modern car design with affordable monthly payments. As long as a driver has the means to pay these monthly payments, they will be considered for a car leasing contract. Our blog about car leasing for young drivers explains this in more detail.