Rear Lights Quiz

Try the All Car Leasing quiz and after you have finished let us know how many you got correct in the comment section below. We have chosen some iconic headlights along with some lesser known brake lights to challenge those who claim to know it all. If you like the quiz let us know and we will do some more.

Rear Light Quiz Cars

Bentley Continental GT

The quiz includes cars available by All Car Leasing. The first car available for guessing is the Bentley Continental GT commonly known for its oval-shaped lights that follow the contour of the car. the LED lights are surrounded by a chrome finish. A popular business lease.

Lamborghini Aventador

Another luxury car in the list, this time looking at a supercar that retails at more than £260,000 the rear lights have been used by the manufacturer for a couple of years and as a result have become synonymous with Lamborghini the tripoint lights fit the cars low and wide style.

Citroen DS 7 Crossback

The newest addition to the DS livery the DS 7 is the latest take on the growing crossover market, adorned with the DS badge the 7 takes a fresh look at rear lights, adding a cross grill effect commonly seen at the front of a car has found its way into the rear lights adding a great effect to the LED brake lights. A great personal lease.

Jaguar F-Type

The Jaguar F-Type is a sports car with an iconic badge, however, the rear lights may not be as identifiable. The elongated lights curve around the rear quarter with a thin daytime rear LED a flat boot line crops the circular brake light add a more aggressive look to the back of the car.

 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

The challenge is stepped up for this one, although similar in shape to the standard Giulia the Quadrifoglio differs slightly with the side of the lights being shorter around the body of the car.The boot lid split in the rear lights separates the brake and reverse lights by an off centre line. The LED bar partnered with the rest of the rear cluster provides a unique style only seen on an Alfa Romeo.

McLaren 720S

There is little of this light to be seen in the image we have chosen, the slim design and dark lighting hides the rest of the rear lights, we have given you a little hint showing the rear spoiler and centre mounted exhaust which is a tell-tale sign that this car has been designed for a single purpose and the use of LED is not for aesthetic but rather to shed as much weight as possible.

Mini Cooper S

The Cooper S comes with the Union Flag set up as standard, the Mini thanks to its heritage as a British icon solidified by its use in cinema such as the 1969 movie The Italian Job featuring Michael Caine. The lights are one of the easier on the list if you have seen either a Mini Cooper S or John Cooper Works these lights are unique.

Audi RS3

The decision to leave these to second to last, unless you are a rear light aficionado defining the RS3 light cluster from the rest of the Audi fleet and close competitors. The most defining feature of any new Audi is the sequential rear LED indicators. The lights are divided by the boot lid with a diagonal split.

Nissan GTR

Another icon that has merely adapted the light design, using a similar light set up first seen on the Skyline GTR the circular light incorporates the rear brake, fog, indicator and reverse in a tightly mapped group. The GTR lights are some of the easiest to identify with more than twenty years with the Nissan GTR R34 Skyline being one of the most iconic cars from the  Fast and the Furious franchise.


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