Old School Hot Hatches - Where are they now?

Hi everyone! 

Everyone here at All Car Leasing have always been big fans of hot hatchbacks whether it's a personal lease or a business lease so we've decided to take a look at a handful to see how many are now left on British roads. It's not just us that love a hot hatch though, they're one of Britain's most popular guise of performance car thanks to their mix of affordability, power output and levels of performance you can actually use on the roads.

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Old School Hot Hatches All Car Leasing


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<p><strong><a href=https://www.allcarleasing.co.uk/blog/old-school-hot-hatches></a>Hot Hatches ' Where Are They Now? Infographic</a> by <a href=https://www.allcarleasing.co.uk>All Car Leasing</a></strong><br /><br /><a href='https://www.allcarleasing.co.uk/blog/old-school-hot-hatches/'><img src='https://www.allcarleasing.co.uk/photos/78e5a95868c8d2e130a0ae3b6e98d23ds.jpg' alt='Hot Hatches Where Are They Now?' width='1200' border='0' /></a></p>