Mobberley Victory Hall Bowls Sponsorship Renewed

Mobberley Victory Hall Bowls Sponsorship Renewed
23 Aug 2018
By Ronnie Lawson-Jones
We at All Car Leasing continue to show our support to local businesses and communities by renewing our sponsorship for the Bowls green over at the Mobberley Victory Hall. The hall lies in the heart of Cheshire and is located in the same village as our own office in the idyllic Mobberley. 

The hall has almost been around for a century now and was created to remember the fallen villagers following the First World War. In modern times the hall is used by the local pre-school playgroup as well as other local events such as birthday parties, wedding parties and of course for the bowls!

The hall has recently undergone renovation in 2016 and 2017 which lef to the exterior cladding being replaced, double glazing windows added and the toilet facilities being completely refurbished. This is all thanks to the support of other like minded businesses such as ourselves, the Cheshire East Community, the National Lottery and Grantscape.

Matt Cragg, Sales Director added "We have sponsored the local bowls green for a number of years now and it was a no brainer when the sponsorship came up for renewal again. We are big fans of what they are doing with the community over there and it remains close to our hearts as we live and work in Mobberley".

Are you a local business from the surrounding area of All Car Leasing? Why not give our marketing team a call on 01565 880 880 or email and see how we can help.

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