Colour Changing BMW

At the beginning of January 2022, BMW shocked Consumer Electronics Show attendees with what can only be described as the chameleon of the car industry. Unveiled was the top-of-the-line variation of the BMW IX named the BMW IX Flow and additionally the M60 variant.

Now BMWs haven’t always been the cheapest cars to maintain and repair especially their M-Sport and performance models. Consequently, I’m unable to fathom the repair costs of a colour changing BMW. Could repairs for a small scratch on a quarter panel cost enough to deem the vehicle a write-off? Another concern would be durability and how this high tech paint would react to weathering, come sunshine, snow or rain.

The BMW IX flow uses Kindle technology to completely change the colour of the car from white to black and vice versa at the push of a button. As of now it’s just the body of the car and the wheels able to change colour, however with these astonishing advancements we can expect a lot more in the future! Find out more on how E-Ink works here.

The colour changing BMW IX is an exciting vehicle and I wonder when the first production model will be spotted on the roads of the UK. For a more in depth look at this real life transformer watch this video down below;