Keeping Your Car In Top Condition - Mistakes & What To Avoid

Keeping your car clean and in a good condition is a job not many of us enjoy. From standing out in the cold to reaching all the small gaps and spaces that harbour dust and dirt. As well as making sure your oil levels are regularly checked and tyre pressure is right. It’s not always easy to keep your car in tip top condition, but it can be done. While there are tips to help you keep your car in a good condition, there are some things you should avoid. Which we will be touching on in this blog.

Common mistakes drivers make when caring for their car
Since it’s not life’s no.1 priority, it can be easy to simply forget to do those small things that make maintaining your car easier. One of the biggest mistakes drivers make when keeping their car in good condition is waiting too long between services, maintenance work and cleaning. For example:

- Missing oil changes can lead to expensive and inconvenient breakdowns.
- Skipping car cleans can result in a build-up of dirt and debris which could distract you when driving.
- Forgetting to check tyre pressure or replacing old tyres may require more costly repairs later down the road. While your fuel consumption will be impacted when driving on tyres that are not fit for purpose.

All of these little things can be easily forgotten but play a big role in keeping your car in its best condition. Not doing these tasks will impact your driving and put you at risk of hefty repairs and maintenance costs but it will also affect the value of your car. Resulting in value depreciation at a much faster rate than cars of the same age that are better taken care of.

If you struggle to keep up with your car maintenance, we recommend booking at least one car service a year, so qualified professionals can handle the majority of this work. While car cleaning can be scheduled in your diary, to compete effectively every few months or weeks, depending on weather conditions and how often you drive.

Generic cleaning products that should never be used to clean your car
Sure, the dish soap is just to hand and the random kitchen rags can be quickly cleaned and put back again but these are not the best solutions for cleaning your car at home. From leaving simple watermarks to scratching the paintwork, there are certain generic cleaning products that should never be used to clean your car.

- Kitchen soap and washing-up liquid
- Home-based detergents
- Towels or dish cloths
- Household sponges

All of these could result in damage to your car’s exterior. Which could lead to a hefty repair bill, as you replace scratched paintwork or damaged glass. Investing in quality car cleaning products is certainly worthwhile and could save you hundreds in repairs. If you’d prefer, there are plenty of quality cleaning services available across the country that offer car cleaning services for as little as £5-£10. Regularly cleaning will not only keep your car looking its best but could prevent damage too.

Missing the small details
While your regular cleans may cover the basics, there are small details that people will often miss. From the air filters to the topping up wiper fluid. These small details of car maintenance are frequently overlooked and missed by drivers, however they are incredibly important. Ensuring your car remains in a good condition. This is where a car service is also a really good idea. Recommended to drivers at least once a year, it may also be useful to book a winter car service, to undergo preventative maintenance for harsher weather conditions and difficult driving conditions.

For details on returning your leased car in a good condition, read the BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear Guide here.