How To Insure Your Leased Car

Working in the car leasing industry for several years now means we have been presented with many questions and queries by motorists. Starting the car leasing process for the first time can raise a lot of questions, particularly focused around looking after the car and insuring the car.


Since a leased car is technically not yours, many drivers assume this means they do not have the responsibility to insure the car. However, this is not the case. Car insurance is a legal requirement in the UK and has been for decades. Having the right insurance set up and ready to go in time for the delivery of your leased vehicle is not only important financially, but a legal obligation. Driving without insurance will result in big fines and points on your licence.

Car insurance for leased vehicles

Before you begin driving your new leased car, you should be certain that you have insurance to cover you in the event of an accident. Since insurance is not always included, you should find an appropriate insurance deal ahead of time.


A fully comprehensive policy is recommended for drivers of leased vehicles as this guarantees that you are covered for any damage to your car, any other car, and other people, if there is an accident. Taking out third party cover is not recommended and in most cases will not be accepted by your lender.

You won’t find it difficult to find insurance cover for your leased car, since the majority, if not all major insurance providers will offer policies in just the same way they do for drivers who own their car outright. You also won’t notice much difference in price either.

Car lease deals with insurance

At All Car Leasing we offer car lease deals with car insurance. With our insurance and maintenance packages we can have you set up and ready to go - hassle free. If you opt for an insurance included lease deal, your insurance and maintenance fees will be added on top of your monthly payments for the car. Making it easy for you to pay for everything in one fixed monthly price. This removes the stress of finding a policy from the process, making this as simple as possible for you.


It is important to note that each individual insurance quote will differ from person to person, and may only be available on specific makes and models. Therefore, If you would like to consider a car leasing deal with insurance, it is important to get in touch with our team.