Going Green With Electric Vehicle Leasing

Going Green With Electric Vehicle Leasing

Statistics from June 2023 show that around 800,000 electric vehicles are now on the roads of the UK, (according to ZapMap). Thanks to the growing demand and a shift in consumer attitudes towards renewable energy, electric vehicles are all the rage. However, despite their new-found popularity, lots of drivers still have reservations towards all electric cars. 

In this latest blog we will explain how electric vehicle leasing is a great option for drivers. Especially those keen to try an electric car without forking out thousands of pounds in one lump sum. 

Is electric vehicle leasing different from standard car leasing?

If you’re familiar with car leasing, electric vehicle leasing is really no different. You will continue to enjoy all the benefits car leasing has to offer whilst going green and cutting your carbon emissions. On top of this there are additional benefits. This includes using government benefits and a huge selection of vehicles from the growing electric vehicle market. 

If you are interested in electric vehicles and sustainable energy, leasing an EV is an excellent way to begin your journey. Providing a budget-friendly option for upgrading your car with the ability to switch your car every few years. 

Save the planet - go electric! 

One of the main reasons to go electric is to reduce your carbon emissions. By switching to electric you will be moving away from traditional petrol and diesel motors and utilising renewable energy to power your car. This is currently encouraged by governments and scientists across the world, in an attempt to drive the global population away from the use of harmful fossil fuels. An all electric car will not release any harmful tailpipe emissions and simply uses the power of electric batteries to run. 

Access to government Incentives

The UK government is pushing for an uptake of electric vehicles across the country in a bid to achieve net zero emission goals by 2050. In order to encourage drivers nationwide to make the switch they offer a number of government incentives. 

From April 2022, the government introduced the EV chargepoint grant. This replaced an older scheme known as the Electric Vehicle HomeCharge Scheme (EVHS). The new grant allows both landlords and tenants of rented properties, funding up to 75% of the total cost, to install electric vehicle charge points at domestic properties.

More information about this grant and the application criteria can be found here. These types of incentives are available to drivers whether you own or lease an electric vehicle. 

Low running costs 

Aside from some of the obvious benefits, EV cars typically cost less to run, in the long-term. If you are able to charge at home or work, overtime you will reap the benefits of huge savings - never having to visit the petrol pumps again! Plus, current tax laws mean you also won't have to pay vehicle tax on your electric car - another great saving. 

Leasing an electric vehicle from All Car Leasing 

At All Car Leasing our electric vehicle leasing deals include a wide choice of electric vehicles. Our offering is regularly updated according to the market. We have brand new electric vehicles from popular brands such as Tesla, Hyundai, Citroen, BMW, Audi, and more. 

Take your pick from some of the most luxurious electric cars available on the market, as well as great budget-friendly options. Giving you the chance to drive away in a pure electric motor without spending thousands of pounds upfront. 

If you would like more information about our electric vehicle lease deals, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.