Different Car Body Types : Lease The Right One For You

When it comes to finding the right car for your own specific needs there are several factors that you should consider. This includes the engine size, cost to run, size of the car, as well as something known as the body type.


The body type of a car is the category a car fits into depending on the size, shape and space. There are a wide range of body types you will find on the market and many of these will be better suited for particular requirements than others.


A hatchback body type is one of the most popular car body types. In fact, some of the most popular cars in the UK are hatchbacks including the Vauxhall Corsa and the Volkswagen Golf. A hatchback body type is most usually popular with new drivers and young drivers, since most will associate a hatchback with a smaller body type. However the actual definition of a hatchback is a vehicle that has a particular rear door design that swings upwards to open a boot area that is part of the main interior of the car.


SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle. This refers to a type of vehicle that is designed to be raised from the ground which will typically have four-wheel drive. SUVs are a popular choice for drivers seeking a little more space in their vehicles. Popular models include the likes of the Nissan Qashqai and the Honda CR-V.


Coupes offer a different style of car that provides a less boxy shape. Embracing a sloping roofline, coupes will have a closed roof usually with limited interior space for passengers. Although there are a variety of coupe types that will offer passenger comfort for more than two passengers. The core design behind a coupe is a car that offers style and performance elements that other cars do not. The most desired cars with this body type currently on the market include the BMW 4 Series and Jaguar F-Type.


An estate car on the other hand is a car body type that prioritises interior space. Offering a large area behind the back seats for carrying loads which can be accessed by a rear door. This space has made estate cars, the car of the family. Providing ample space for items such as prams, pets, and food shopping. Estate vehicles, in their prime, were the ‘must-have’ vehicle type for drivers who regularly carry passengers and larger loads. With many estates on the market, some of the modern takes on the estate vehicle include, the Skoda Octavia, Mercedes Benz E-Class, and the Volvo V90.

How to choose the right car body type for you

While considering the vehicle you need, paying attention to the body type and the benefits it can offer you as a driver is important for getting your choice right.


If you’re looking for extra space, perhaps because you have a large family, and driving typically consists of the school run, commuting to and from work, and family holidays, then a choice such as an estate car or larger SUV would be a wise choice.


While drivers who want style, performance and don’t need the extra space for more then two passengers, a smaller hatchback or coupe would be the perfect option.


With so  many options to choose from, leasing your car offers an excellent way to enjoy the benefits of a new car with modern features, helping you to discover what you like, whilst having the option to upgrade after just a few years. This is also exceptionally useful for those drivers who’s car requirements may change overtime and with lifestyle changes. To find your perfect body type, make and model, check out our latest car leasing deals.